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04 April, 2024

I’d hazard a guess that we all have a bag of Silver Spoon Sugar somewhere in our kitchen cupboards.

It’s one of those household brands and it’s probably the first name that comes to mind when you think of a brand of sugar.

Considering the significant amount of brand equity they’ve built up, you might be wondering why they’ve ever chosen to undertake a rebrand.

A Spoonful of Sugar Packaging

But, there’s not just one ‘type’ of Silver Spoon Sugar; there’s several, depending on the needs of your baking.

For instance:

You’ve got caster sugar for baking those delicious fluffy cupcakes or icing sugar as the perfect sweet topping. It’s not a one-size-fits-all and the brand wanted to showcase how they complement a range of foods and beverages.

With different varieties available, and with the aim of putting some joy back into baking, Silver Spoon partnered up with design studio, Outlaw, to rejuvenate an iconic brand that has over 50 years of heritage.

different coloured bags of silver spoon sugar
Credit to World Brand Design
Unless you’re a seasoned baker, you might not have been aware of just how many varieties of Silver Spoon Sugar they are.

Ditching the Old Bag

You might have an old bag at the back of your cupboard which only makes an appearance once in a blue moon when you decide to whip something up in the kitchen.

The rebrand set to change that, by creating an updated cohesive visual identity that brought all product varieties together under a tight umbrella, whilst still allowing them to shine individually.

A key part of this was the decision to feature real imagery on the packaging, something which was noticeably missing in the previous designs.

This aids with navigation, helping customers easily choose the type of sugar that best suits their needs. Research carried out by the brand found that 80% of British consumers had baked at least once in the last year, but while the majority preferred to bake from scratch, they also didn’t know which sugar was best.

So instead of having to read a product description which can easily be missed, these visual additions immediately show what food or beverage the sugar best serves.

Silky Smooth Tone

This is also supported by an updated brand voice, which not only helps communicate the different product varieties on offer but also elevates their aim to put some joy back into baking.

With phrases such as ‘tasty tea’, ‘gooey chewy’, and ‘zesty goodness’ it injects a real sense of playfulness into the brand, making it more family-friendly and appealing.

yellow and brown brand imagery for silver spoon sugar
Credit to World Brand Design

Sugar with Shelf Life

The wordmark has also been given some TLC, which we’re moving onto next!

By making the wordmark all-caps and increasing the weight of each letter, the brand is very distinctive in a busy shop aisle.

Like lots of FMCG goods, Silver Spoon has its fair share of competitors but this update makes the brand jump out as it commands more visibility on the shelf.

The classic spoon illustration that sits behind the wordmark has also been revived, making it appear a lot more confident and refined. With a smoother outline and extending down the entire front of the bag, it demands more space and attention, creating that much needed synergy between the old identity and the updated branding.

yellow and pink product packaging for silver spoon sugar
Credit to World Brand Design

Playing It Right

Striking this balance is important when rebranding such a renowned company as consumers need to be able to identify and resonate with the updated designs.

The brand imagery and colour palette is also something I want to highlight as I think it simply oozes happiness and a sense of togetherness.

Going back to my earlier point about the family-friendly feel, this is illustrated throughout the brand imagery, with shots of children whisking ingredients, decorating cakes, and doing something you just have to do when baking – the obligatory spoon lick!

The colours are rich and vibrant, giving the brand an overall appeal of happiness and supporting the entire purpose of this rebrand – to put joy back into baking.

A job very well done.

Feature image: Silver Spoon Company / Outlaw Agency

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