Taboo Breaking Andrex Campaign Proves They’ll Never Be Number 2



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26 March, 2024

Toilet stops are a part of life.

We’ve all experienced times when you’d rather not have to visit the bathroom. It might be on your first day at a new job, while visiting the in-laws, or at a service station that you can smell before you see.

The new Andrex campaign breaks from their traditional advertising model of:

  • Cute puppy
  • Cute puppy running away with toilet roll
  • Product shot

And we’re glad for it. Here we go:

Redefining Comfort with a Cinematic Leap

Their new advertising campaign, Get Comfortable, takes them on a more cinematic trajectory.

Pooing shouldn’t really be taboo. Everyone has to do it. But somehow, Britain as a nation has managed to make it awkward.

Get Comfortable “encourages the nation to engage with their intimate wellness”.

Andrex have launched two 1 minute advertising spots already, as well as a range of out of home and print advertising.

They’re not messing around with the names of these adverts either.

The opening scene of the launch advert, First Office Poo, begins with a fart and ends with a confident walk towards the office bathroom, empowered by the beloved Andrex puppy’s approving nod. It’s a walk of empowerment, not shame, as the protagonist proudly heads to the loo.

For bonus points, the person in the advert swaps out her light hearted magazine for a substantially weighted French German dictionary, indicating that she might be taking some time in there.

It’s awkward to watch. And I don’t know why! But it’s captivating.

From Office to Euphoria

The second ad, Post Poo Euphoria, continues the trend of addressing awkwardness in public toilets by featuring stylishly dressed man dancing to the sink, holding a roll of Andrex.

The new Andrex commercials are directed by Andreas Nilsson, with the creative overseen by ECD Kyle Harman-Turner, who was behind MoneySuperMarket’s memorable Epic Strut advertising.

It’s easy to see the parallels, with both campaigns reaching similar levels of silly.

Andrex Paid to Poo print advertising

Backed by Research: Unpacking Public Potty Paranoia

The Get Comfortable campaign was informed by research that Andrex carried out that found around 50% of people are too shy to go to the toilet at work or a romantic partner’s house, and 41% were afraid of pooing at their in-laws.

It all ties in perfectly with their mission to flush toilet embarrassment and their partnership with Bowel Cancer UK.

The new Andrex out of home advertising and print campaigns feature strong slogans like “Live Unclenched” and “Conquer the first office poo.”

And if that doesn’t grab attention, assumedly nothing will.

So, next time you find yourself marching towards the loo with determination, just remember – Andrex is on a mission to turn that walk of shame into a stride of pride. Because at the end of the day, everybody poos, but not everyone does it feeling like a cinema star.

Agency: FCB London
ECD/Creative Partner: Kyle Harman-Turner
Director: Andrea Nilsson
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director of Photography: Lasse Frank
Sound Designer: Sam Robson
Imagery: Andrex

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