The Go.Compare Rebrand: The Champions of Choice



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27 February, 2024

When it comes to choosing a price comparison site, you’re not short of choice.

Are you swayed by a meerkat offering you 2-4-1 cinema tickets? Or maybe some free pizza will seal the deal?

The market is saturated by brands trying to give you freebies in return for your custom. This is where Go.Compare saw the biggest opportunity as they sought to become your brand of choice, going beyond the surface level advertising campaigns we’re used to seeing on TV.

Working with Ragged Edge, they embarked on a full new brand identity to solidify their position as the “champions of choice”. This involved:

  • A counter-intuitive name change – They went from Go Compare announced to Go.Compare, merging the brand name with a new domain name
  • An updated logo – The word ‘Go’ has been pushed to the forefront encouraging, people to take action
  • A full rebranding strategy – This extends to updated messaging, a suite of illustrated animations, and a new position in the market

The overarching goal remains that the brand wants to be the active “choice” for consumers rather than an option among other competitors.

Let’s start by looking at their new brand positioning. advertising banner showing people making a decision
Credit to Creative Review

The “Champions of Choice”

At the heart of their new identity is this idea of being the “champions of choice”.

Despite holding 97% awareness in the market, the brand felt like this wasn’t enough to compete with their competitors.

Sure they have an infamous brand mascot (I can hear his operatic voice just typing this), but they wanted to create a deeper, more meaningful reason for their customers to choose them.

Instead of fighting for attention or relying solely on the distinctiveness of their brand mascot, they wanted to be perceived as the go-to choice. This leads to a sustained and loyal customer base who are likely to return as they trust the brand.

This transcends the often transactional nature of other financial services brands by persuading people to actively choose them, before even looking at another comparison site.

With messaging such as “The average adult makes 35, 000 decisions a day. Make this your easiest one to date” it encourages people to simplify their lives and prioritise the brand’s offering.
illustrated billboard for
Credit to Creative Review

A warm and welcoming identity

Another key differentiating factor between the new Go.Compare brand and its competitors lies in the charming, illustrated animations.

In a sector dominated by stock photography, Ragged Edge recognised a gap as they could create a suit of illustrations that were warm and inviting.

The brand mascot, Gio Compario personifies these characteristics perfectly, creating an identity that is not only visually distinctive but also emotionally resonant.

His distinctive features have been exaggerated in cartoon form, creating a charming “choice champion” and elevating the brand’s unique position in the market. This has been carried through to all touchpoints to help bring the brand’s products to life.

A new tone of voice has also been introduced, adding “relatable wit” across its communications and building a more genuine and approachable relationship with the audience.

The bespoke typeface expresses this and has been designed to echo the warmth and personality of the illustrations, creating the perfect synergy between the text and visual elements.

I love this rebrand and think it’s a real success.

I don’t believe it was particularly necessary either, given how popular Go.Compare already is as a brand, and the fact they probably could have relied on their brand mascot for their continued success.

That said, the new visual identity looks great and will continue to support their growth when new comparison sites inevitably come to market.

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