UK Ads Shine Bright at Euros: Paddy Power Tops the Charts!



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09 July, 2024

England’s chances of winning the Euros still hang in the air, but some clear winners have emerged in the UK’s advertising efforts during the tournament.

Paddy Power’s football ad “Europe’s Favourite” has topped System1’s effectiveness rankings scoring a whopping 5.9 stars.

Irn-Bru has secured second place with its humour-filled ad “Optimism is Back in Scotland,” which aimed to lift the spirits of Scottish fans and scored five stars, despite Scotland’s early exit from the tournament (sorry to rub that in for any Scotland fans.)

Other high-ranking adverts include Adidas’s “Hey Jude, You Got This” with 4.5 stars, Lidl’s “We’re on Your Team” with 4.4 stars, BBC Sport’s “More Twists, More Turns” with 4.1 stars, and Budweiser’s “Official Beer of England” with 4 stars. These ads have clearly connected with audiences and used the power of emotion to make an impact.

The brands using these strategies highlight the importance of storytelling and relatability in successful advertising as this is what hooks an audience in.

In the previous men’s Euros tournament in 2021, which was delayed due to Covid, UK ads averaged 2.4 stars.

This year, the average has risen to 3 stars, indicating a modest improvement in overall performance.

This upward trend showcases the advertising industry’s adaptability and resilience in challenging times.

System1 also highlighted that the number of brands advertising during the Euros has doubled since 2021.

Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer at System1, said that while England’s on-field performance may be serious, the lighthearted and humorous ads have contributed to higher scores this year. He added that with humour making a comeback at this year’s Cannes Lions, where a new humour category was introduced, there has been a “positive shift” in the effectiveness of these ads.

The increased effectiveness could also be attributed to a better understanding of audience preferences and more targeted marketing approaches.

This suggests that brands are not only investing more in their advertising efforts but are also becoming more strategic. As a result, the overall quality and impact of ads during the Euros have seen significant improvements.

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