From Wrestling Ring to White House: Prime’s Marketing Power Play



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22 June, 2024

When influencers Logan Paul and KSI launched their energy drink brand, Prime, it was all the rage.

You couldn’t get hold of a bottle for love nor money.

When a new flavour launched, you had people on business trips in Texas filling up their suitcase with it, to bring back to the UK.

People was me. And my son was over the (Meta) Moon about it. Meta Moon is a flavour of Prime for anyone out of the loop.

The two influencers had created a new fad, which in 2023 reported sales of $1.2billion.

And it lasted for almost 18 months. Every launch was met with anticipation, people rushed around trying to get their hands on it.

Then as crazes do, it died off, and now it’s quite widely available.

But, the pair’s latest marketing stunts look to change that.

Bringing Energy to the Squared Circle

Recently, Prime has partnered with WWE in a global partnership that marks a first for the energy drink sector.

Prime is now the exclusive official hydration drink partner of WWE, with its logo featured in the centre of the ring at WWE premium live events (PLEs) such as WrestleMania and Summerslam.

And, there’s always a handy stand of Prime bottles at the side of the ring for wrestlers to slam each other through, sending the once liquid gold flying everywhere.

Then at each of the past several Wrestlemania events, someone has come out dressd as a Prime bottle and been on the receiving end of a beating.

It’s no real surprise though, given Logan Paul’s recent professional wrestling exploits.
WWE chief content officer Paul Levesque said:

What Logan and his team have built in a short time is phenomenal and we’re excited to help showcase Prime Hydration across our biggest events.

Prime co-founder Logan Paul added:

We’ve worked incredibly hard at Prime to build a brand that disrupts the beverage industry and it’s time to join forces with the global leader in sports entertainment.

The deal makes Prime the first official partner to activate across both TKO companies, having signed with mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in January 2023.

Prime has also secured major sports sponsorship deals with European soccer giants Arsenal, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich.

Yes it’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous that I know this much about the energy drink’s brand partnerships.

But, it’s not the most ridiculous thing Prime are doing…

Prime Goes Tango

But now, they’ve gone and associated themselves with one of the most polarising world leaders of all time.

His orange glow is revered worldwide, of course, it’s convicted felon, anf former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

Love him or loathe him, Prime have tied their colours (or colors) firmly to his mast.

While a lot of brands shy away from politics, taking a step back from social issues, Logan Paul and Co. have steered right into it.

Prime’s Presidential Playlist

In a move that has everyone talking, Trump featured on Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive.

The interview was a spectacle, complete with Trump-branded bottles and a MAGA merch exchange.

It’s a masterclass in blending controversy with marketing, aiming to reignite the buzz around Prime by tapping into Trump’s loyal fanbase.

This strategic move brings Prime into the spotlight, aligning with a figure who generates as much media attention as he does division.

Whether this will translate to another wave of Prime-mania remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – Logan Paul and KSI are willing to take risks to keep Prime top of mind.

From the wrestling ring to political ringmasters, Prime is making bold moves to stay relevant. It’s a wild ride, as a marketer, I’m here for it.

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