KONO Coffee

Kono Coffee are a sustainable coffee company from Sierra Leone. Selling into the UK, we worked with them to create a unique brand identity and packaging design based on traditional African patterns.

The Neutral Corner

The Neutral Corner are a mediation and dispute resolution company based in Newcastle. Over a number of years, we've worked on their brand identity and website, and still continue to work together.

Pegasus One Solutions

Pegasus One are an international construction consultancy firm based in London. We worked with their board to create a no-fuss, standout, brand identity that positions them as experts in the field.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen are Denmark's finest jeweller, by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark. We first worked together to create a print advertising campaign, and have continued to work with them to create candles, banner ads, signage, retail displays, store takeovers, and more.

Robbie Thompson

Robbie Thompson is a personal trainer based in Newcastle, England. After we created Lean Mums, we worked with Robbie to build out his personal brand and website vision. Since then, we've worked on a wide range of designs for him, from ebooks to promotional materials.

McAndrew Plumbing

McAndrew Plumbing are a water management, plumbing, and legionella control company based in the North East of England. We worked with the McAndrew to elevate their brand, transitioning from old and outdated, to new and modern with a focus on winning more corporate clients.

Total Tuition

Total Tuition are a private tuition provider based in Northumberland. We first worked with the team to develop their education branding. After being impressed with the results, Total Tuition then asked us to design and build their education website.

Tornado English

Tornado English is a language education app for Chinese children based out of Sunderland Software City. We worked with the Tornado English team to develop their app's brand identity and company branding, as well as designing several of the key screens users interact with in the app.

Publicity Seekers

Publicity Seekers are a PR company based in Hartlepool. Together with their team, we created a new brand identity and website design based around the idea of "talking to the right people" - which is exactly what Publicity Seekers do for their clients.

Lets G.ooo

LetsG.ooo is a travel comparison company based in Japan. We worked with LetsG.ooo to develop a travel brand and travel web design that communicated trust, travel, and financial saving, whilst retaining a sense of quirkiness and fun.


eLojic is a new software company in the Apprenticeship sector. We worked together to develop a unique brand identity. We also developed the software's user interface design and worked to improve the user experience and continue to do so.


Shodai is a brand new men's skincare range based out of Tokyo, Japan. During and after our trip to Japan, we worked with the Shodai team to develop the product, brand identity, packaging and e-commerce website.

Lean Mums

Lean Mums is a website that helps mums get fit. Members have access to workouts, recipes and a private forum. We worked to develop a recurring membership website that was easy for the team to update and manage.

Vortex Training Solutions

Vortex Training Solutions are a training provider based in the North East of England. We continue to work together, building their brand and website, increasing traffic and developing their digital presence.

The Association of Nanny Agencies

ANA are a governing body for nanny agencies in the UK. We helped them to develop a new look website and clean up the user experience for ANA members when posting job listings and updating their nanny profiles.


Visuagro are an agricultural analytics company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We worked with the marketing team to develop a new brand identity and set of marketing materials they could use to launch the brand.


Xceptor is a financial software company with offices around the world. We worked with their marketing team to rebrand from WSIntegrations, redesigning their brand identity and brochure website in the process.

The Name Train

The Name Train is an exciting kids brand that creates personalised artwork. We worked with them to design, build and develop their product offering, brand identity, ecommerce website and digital marketing strategy.


Frieda's is a quirky frozen yoghurt company based in the South of England. We designed their brand identity, packaging, van signage, stationery, marketing materials and brochure website.

Seaton Valley Council

Seaton Valley Council are a local council based in Northumberland. We've worked together to build their brand, designed event marketing, developed a new website, created village gateways and more.

The Shire Bakery

The Shire Bakery sells party accessories and sprinkles. We designed their brand and ecommerce website. Recently we added a subscription option to their site, with outstanding results.


BizPixPlus is a professional headshot and photography company based in Ontario, Canada. After a trip to Canada, we designed and developed their branding and website which helped to position them as business photography professionals.

Prism Clarity

Prism Clarity provide writing and editing services for clients in the financial sector. We worked with them to develop a unique, colourful, brand identity and website that helps them stand out in a sector renowned for mundane design work.

Hadrian’s Pizza

Hadrian’s Pizza make wood fired pizza from their mobile setup in the North East of England. We designed their brand identity, website and marketing materials before they launched their business into the competitive food fayre space.

AALTO Mortgages

AALTO are a mortgage brokerage that work closely with their clients to find them the right mortgage deal. We worked to position AALTO Mortgages as a leader and innovator in the mortgage space by creating a standout brand and website.

Sure Wind Marine

Sure Wind Marine are a leading service provider of wind farm and crew transfer vessels. We were responsible for redesigning and redeveloping their website to allow potential clients to check vessel availability and enquire online.

The Drinks Concierge

The Drinks Concierge are a premium drinks delivery company based in London. Launching into the high-end space, we developed a sophisticated brand identity and eCommerce website that allows customers to order alcohol online.

IAP Zurich

IAP are a Swiss financial boutique from Zurich, that provide a range of investment and wealth management solutions. After a successful brand identity design project, we helped bring IAP online by designing and launching their website.


Skitracer are a ski holiday provider based in London. We worked with the marketing team to design and develop a new brand identity, website and a range of "holiday heroes" that the Skitracer team use to market and sell their holidays.


Vuelio is a PR and Communication Software brand based in London. We were responsible for moving the company away from their dated brand identity, rebranding the company and redesigning their branded materials.