Graduating with a business idea will always require some level of assistance if you’re to make it a reality. Students, this is what Canny can do for you:

  • Identity - Branding is so important in establishing a clear identity
  • Strategies - Knowing how to market your brand effectively will be key
  • Mentoring - Canny has years of marketing know-how to share with you

We’re open to hearing all of your ideas, no matter how out there they could be. Students, we put you in a prime position to either run a business, or to simply learn from us via resources/content.

an illustration of a student

How We Help


We prove a range of unlimited downloadable templates and resources for students to help you get started in the world of business, branding, and marketing.


An open and fair hiring policy - we don’t mind if you don’t have 25 years of industry experience. If you’re talented, and a good fit for us, let’s have a chat.


We’re in the process of developing our student offering, including awards, career calculators, and more. Stay up to date with everything at Canny for further updates.

Working with an agency you know, like and trust should be the goal. And by partnering with Canny, you tick all of those boxes and then some.