Branding Brief Template

The Branding Brief Template is a free template that will help you get the brief for your branding project right.

Whether you’re creating a new brand for your business, or rebranding an existing business – then The Branding Brief Template is sure to help you out.

The Branding Brief Template includes guidance on creating:

  • An Overview of Your Business and Brand
  • The Objectives of Your Branding Project
  • Your Target Audience and Market
  • The Problem You’re Facing
  • Project Specific Information
  • More About Your Business
  • Competitor Information
  • Project Timescales
  • Project Budget
  • Contact Information
  • How the Project will Be Awarded
  • Required Response
  • Your Brand Strategy
  • Brand Values
  • Expected Branding Deliverables
  • Sample Branding Campaigns

At Canny, we see a range of branding briefs. We’ve taken inspiration from the best bits of each to create The Branding Brief Template. We hope it helps!