The Branding Workshop Bundle

The Branding Workshop Bundle

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Running a branding workshop is key to make sure everyone working on your brand is aligned and working towards the same goals. It can be easy for different people to assume they know what is ‘right’ when it comes to your brand, but running a workshop and conducting branding exercises ensures all parties follow a unified direction.

Inside our branding workshop bundle, you’ll find:

  • The Branding Workshop User Guide
  • The Branding Workshop Presentation
  • Brand Audit Questionnaire
  • Audience Persona Profiles
  • Competitor Research Worksheet
  • Brand Story Worksheet
  • Core Brand Elements Worksheet
  • Key Decisions Document

Branding workshops are key for any business of any size as they help teams articulate their brand’s core values, mission, vision, personality, and positioning in the market.

We hope you find the Branding Workshop Bundle useful when running your own workshop.

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