The Content Brief Template

The content brief template on grey background

With our Content Brief Template here you’ll be generating interest in your brand/business in no time!

A brief like this is perfect for marketers out there looking to set tasks to others, while reassuring themselves that the path they’re taking is the right one — one that is going to benefit the company in the long run, and is, above all else, relevant.

With this Content Brief Template, we cover:

  • The Content Overview
  • Content Objectives
  • Content Details (Word Count, Keywords, Target Audience and Deadlines)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Research
  • SEO Research
  • And More!

How detailed/relevant your brief is will determine the difference between sub-par content, and the content that generates leads and the right level of interest from your chosen demo/demos.

Trust us on this one, we’ve written enough content briefs to know, so we hope this template helps!