The Marketing Audit Template

A marketing audit arrives often, and is an essential part of marketing if you’re to grow as a brand and learn from your successes and/or failures.

With this brief, we go step-by-step to ensure that you know exactly what to cover — in an order that will benefit you and the results you gather at the end. It’s an essential download, one that you can use time and time again whenever the next audit rolls around!

There are countless benefits to downloading this Marketing Audit Template, these include:

  • Identifying room for improvement in your current marketing
  • Learning more about your competitors from an intricate level
  • Looking at where your money is being spent and where it could
  • Bring your team together by identifying/championing good work
  • Pinpoint problems quickly and create action points around them
  • And More!

If you’re wondering why your marketing efforts aren’t working, then you need to conduct a marketing audit, and pronto.

Just remember to be as comprehensive as possible and follow this template to the wire — leave no stone unturned as your audits need to be as thorough as possible if they’re to help.