From B2B services, to Tech & IT, there aren’t many lanes Canny won’t operate in. A quick glance at our client portfolio will tell you that!

Canny has already partnered with a company on every continent, and we aren’t slowing down.

Not one bit.

We’re only as good as the company we keep and the work we create, it’s why we’re so open about things. We aren’t shy in showing off our portfolio and the sectors we work with.

How else are you to get an accurate idea of how we can help you and your respective business?


Care home and healthcare branding needs to appeal to a wide audience. Whether that's residents and their families, or customers and clients, we know how to create branding that speaks to every touch point.

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Tech, IT & SAAS

In the tech world, so many companies make so many claims about how their technology is the best. One of the most important aspects of branding in this sector is to make it understandable.

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Fast-moving goods have such a high turnover rate meaning the marketplace is competitive. Every brand wants to be seen. Your branding needs to make customers pick your product off the shelf.

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Recruitment & Training

Recruitment/ training companies are tasked with finding the best candidates for different job roles by matching personality traits and experience to job descriptions.

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B2B Services

When it comes to B2B marketing, we understand the challenges you’re presented with from connecting your brand to your customer to developing content that engages your audience.

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Sustainability & Manufacturing

The renewables and manufacturing market continues to thrive as consumers become more environmentally conscious. This has impacted their purchasing decisions in a much greener way.

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Other Sectors

From construction companies to skincare products, our client portfolio is huge! No two days are the same. We’ve worked with some fantastic clients across a range of industries.

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We practice what we preach in the creative content department, all to help you and your brand/business. Here, take a look at some of our latest thoughts: