Branding plays a pivotal role in helping your company establish a unique presence in the marketplace, whilst differentiating from their competitors.

The branding process can help your business to create a unique name, story, strategy, and visual brand identity.

At Canny, we offer a range of branding services; find out more information below.

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Branding Problems We Solve

KONO Coffee

Kono Coffee are a sustainable coffee company from Sierra Leone. Selling into the UK, we worked with them to create a unique brand identity and packaging design based on traditional African patterns.

The Neutral Corner

The Neutral Corner are a mediation and dispute resolution company based in Newcastle. Over a number of years, we've worked on their brand identity and website, and still continue to work together.

Pegasus One Solutions

Pegasus One are an international construction consultancy firm based in London. We worked with their board to create a no-fuss, standout, brand identity that positions them as experts in the field.

Your Brand Discovery Session

The first step in any branding project at Canny, is your brand Discovery Session.

In your brand Discovery Session, we'll learn about your business, your goals and objectives, ideal customers, current positioning, and more.

The partnership we have with our clients is key to the success of our projects. Your Discovery Session gives us a great insight into your business and helps to get that ball rolling.

Building Brand Ideas

After the Discovery Session, we begin to pull our ideas for your brand together.

Once we've collected our thoughts and put pen to paper (or mouse to computer), it's time to share our ideas and thinking with you.

As your branding project progresses, we design, deliver, and iterate, and you'll have different paths to choose from and options to explore.

Bringing Your Brand to Life

Once the direction for your brand has been decided, we'll start bringing it to life.

Your brand will be wrapped up into a presentation document, showing you exactly how your brand should be used, and exploring ideas for stationery, marketing materials, and more.

When you're happy, we're happy. Once the seal of approval is given, we can help launch your new brand to the world.