Video & photography that engages your audience.

Multimedia presence is important to businesses. Customers connect better to visuals and video than they do text. If you want to convert more customers, get more leads, communicate your message better, get your point across stronger, shorten your sales funnel, strengthen your brand, or even just improve your internal communications and training offerings leverage the power of video.

If you don’t want any of the above, why not? You’d be a fool not to.

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In 2016, market research found that 61% of businesses used video marketing in some way. In 2021 that number had risen to 86%. The way video is being produced, consumed, and interacted with, and the way the available technology is evolving, you can’t afford to be in the 14% not using video if you want to stay competitive in your sector.


Videographers you can trust

We partner with businesses and continuously help them achieve their goals in growth, marketing, and success.

We work in partnership with you, and treat your brand as carefully and as passionately as we do our own. We’ll never try to unnecessarily upsell you something, or suggest inappropriate solutions. We work with you to get the best results, allowing you control over the project whilst offering the expertise we bring to the table.

All of the research in the world will never give another agency the knowledge that you have… but we know videography inside and out. That’s why we partner with people. You don’t need to know your bokeh from your B-roll to create something that resonates with your audience, that’s what we’re here for.

Come and build a profitable, beneficial relationship with an agency you can trust.


Video that gets results

Here at Canny we create content that works hard for you, and saves you the hard work.

We don’t go generic with your video content, we create your content strategically, intelligently and effectively so that it resonates with your audiences. We do this by leveraging not only our highly experienced content and video team, who will orchestrate the shooting and editing of your video project, but also the experience of the branding and design team- and their eye for visual impact is second to none.

And your video needs to work. That can mean 1000 different things for 1000 different videos.At Canny, we understand your needs and meet them head on, often exceeding expectations. According to a recent survey, 87% of businesses see a positive return on investment from video based content. Why not join them?


Video that drives engagement

Because we’re really, really, really good at corporate videography.

At Canny, we love video content. We put out incredible videos every week, from our helpful tips YouTube series ‘Building Better Brands’ to our more informative content series ‘In The Know…’. We even video our everyday working life and release a bi-monthly vlog, so you can see behind the curtain and get to know us even better. This is what we do. We even support our blog content with videos, helping them rank within Google. Canny gets 99% of it’s clients via organic traffic, and video is a huge part in driving that. Why wouldn’t you want that for your business?

With Canny, you’re in safe hands. If you want creative, intelligent, stunning video professionally lighted, shot, and edited, then you’re in the right place. Get in touch today and see what we could do for you.


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