About WPEngine

Your website hosting has a huge impact on your website's performance, search engine success and more. That's why at Canny we recommend our clients host their websites with WPEngine. WPEngine are a dedicated Wordpress host, meaning their servers are optimised for high end Wordpress performance, and their support staff know the ins and outs of the Wordpress platform. WPEngine does what they say they do, drive businesses forward with better Wordpress hosting.

Why We Recommend WPEngine

  • WPEngine are a dedicated Wordpress host, their servers are optimised for Wordpress performance
  • WPEngine's support team know the ins and outs of Wordpress, making their support second to none
  • With enterprise grade security, WPEngine's proactive security measures keep your website safe
  • 24 hour support means that if something does go wrong, there's always someone you can talk to
  • WPEngine provide real time diagnostics, helping you to know what's going on with your website

Our WPEngine Hosted Projects


Shodai is a brand new men's skincare range based out of Tokyo, Japan. During and after our trip to Japan, we worked with the Shodai team to develop the product, brand identity, packaging and e-commerce website.

Lean Mums

Lean Mums is a website that helps mums get fit. Members have access to workouts, recipes and a private forum. We worked to develop a recurring membership website that was easy for the team to update and manage.

IAP Zurich

IAP are a Swiss financial boutique from Zurich, that provide a range of investment and wealth management solutions. After a successful brand identity design project, we helped bring IAP online by designing and launching their website.

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