The Key Ingredients for Successful Sweets Branding



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31 October, 2023

If you’re looking for effective sweets branding, then you’ve come to the right place.

Branding for this type of product needs to capture the attention of consumers and give them a reason to pick it up off a very crowded shelf.

Just think of the sheer amount of sweets you find in shop aisles these days! There’s quite literally hundreds of sweets brands, all competing for the same customers.

That’s why successful sweets branding goes beyond taste, as customers need a reason to buy the product in the first place.

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Aside from the obvious product packaging, this comes down to creating an engaging brand experience, crafting taglines and slogans, and creating captivating advertising campaigns that evoke some sense of emotion.

Some established sweets brands have worked hard to perfect this over the years, making them a firm davourite in the eyes of sweet lovers.

This means there’s lots of inspiration that you can take from these brands and incorporate them into your next branding project.

Let’s unwrap the first example of effective sweets branding.
collation of starburst sweets


At the heart of the Starburst brand is the vibrant and captivating burst of colours, radiating from the brand name.

Furthermore, the logo not only catches your eye but also encapsulates the product itself – a burst of fruity flavours. The visual identity further reinforces the brand’s playful and energetic image through its vibrant packaging and mouthwatering product imagery, often featuring photos of real fruit.

Instead of using icons or illustrations which are used heavily in sweets branding, Starbursts have chosen to visually showcase what can be found inside of the wrapper, enticing customers from the moment they see the packaging.

Yellow is also the primary colour, again signifying zest and sweetness – all words you want to bring to mind when you’re trying to promote fruit flavoured sweets.

In terms of messaging, Starburst excels in resonating with its target audience. It has perfected the art of delivering a simple yet compelling message with campaigns such as “Unexplainably Juicy.”

This speaks directly to the core experience of enjoying a Starburst sweet, emphasising the irresistible juiciness of the sweets themselves.
pink bad of strawberry fruitella sweets


Fruitella is a well-established brand known for its fruit-flavoured chewy sweets.

Through its branding, Fruitella effectively communicates its commitment to fruitiness (hence the name) and natural flavours, which appeals to consumers looking for a healthier alternative while still enjoying something indulgent.

The fruitiness of the sweets also makes them quite refreshing, which is another appeal of the Fruitella brand as they come in varieties such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and lemon.

The product packaging is also covered in vibrant fruit illustrations, reinforcing the idea of real fruit goodness. Through these visuals efforts, the brand has successfully positioned itself as a healthier sweet option by emphasising its use of natural ingredients.

This health-conscious approach appeals to the modern consumer, especially parents who are looking for better snack options for their children.

Fruitella also provides a range of different snack packaging including soft, resealable pouches which are ideal for pack lunch boxes.
red and gold box of lindtt chocolates

Lindtt Chocolate

Lindt is a Swiss chocolatier known for its premium-quality chocolates and iconic gold foil-wrapped chocolate bars. You know if someone has bought you Lindtt chocolate, that they’ve spent that little bit extra on it!

The success of Lindt’s branding can be attributed to its strong focus on tradition, quality, and luxury, positioning the brand at the higher end of the sweet scale.

To start with, Lindt’s logo features a silhouette of a master chocolatier, conveying a sense of craftsmanship and expertise.

The brand’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and its attention to detail in the chocolate-making process have earned it a reputation for excellence, meaning it can justify a slightly higher price point.

To add to this, Lindt’s consistent and elegant packaging, featuring the signature gold colour, reinforces the brand’s image of indulgence and sophistication as you peel pack those crisp layers to reveal the chocolatey goodness inside.

Lindt’s marketing also often highlights its Swiss heritage, associating the brand with the country’s renowned chocolate-making traditions.


“Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo!”

You can’t help but sing this tune as soon as you think of Haribo sweets. The German manufacturer has embedded this playful theme tune into our minds through exposure to various advertising campaigns over the years.

It’s become synonymous with the brand and you can feel yourself bopping along to it!

It’s fun, playful, and takes you back to your childhood – and it’s that sense of nostalgia that the brand is trying to evoke.

They want to tap into childhood memories of enjoying jelly sweets and the happiness that this brings. It’s a strong association and it creates a positive perception of the brand.

Nothing portrays this as well as their TV advert, which features a group of adults talking in everyday situations with children’s voices dubbed over the top, emphasising the famous slogan “Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo”.

Coupled with this is the loveable mascot; the happy, chubby bear, which embodies the joy and delight associated with eating the sweets.

Everything from the brand mascot, to the product packaging, to the jelly sweets themselves are brightly coloured, again adding to that sense of happiness and pure joy experienced when eating a Haribo.

front of jelly tots product packaging

Rowntrees Jelly Tots

Rowntree’s Jelly Tots, produced by Nestlé, are known for their tiny, colourful, fruit-flavored jelly sweets.

One of the highlights of the Jelly Tots branding is their association with simplicity, innocence, and the joy of childhood. The brand’s packaging, featuring vibrant and cheerful graphics, appeals to parents and children alike who are looking for a little bit of

The bags are literally bursting with flavour through the use of different coloured splashes to represent the fruitiness that can be found inside.

Similarly to Haribos, drawing on childhood memories and the happiness we feel as kids when we get a bag of sweets is a powerful tactic. Even as adults, we like to think back to simpler times, and how something so small could make us feel so happy.

Also through their advertising and product packaging, Jelly Tots are keen to emphasise that their sweets contain no artificial colours or flavours, reinforcing its commitment to providing a wholesome and natural treat for kids.

They have worked hard to position themselves as a healthier choice in the world of confectionery, which is important for today’s consumers who are making more conscious buying decisions.
red bag of skittles


The key to Skittles’ effective branding is its focus on colour and sensory experiences. The brand’s packaging, featuring a rainbow of colors, is instantly eye-catching, creating a strong visual identity.

They have also cleverly associated each sweet with a fruit flavour and colour, making it easy for consumers to choose and enjoy their favourite ones.

The “Taste the Rainbow” slogan emphasises the brand’s commitment to delivering a flavourful candy experience and also taps into their play on humour.

A fundamental aspect of the Skittles brand lies in its reputation for unconventional marketing strategies. For instance, picture yourself watching a television commercial when suddenly, a rainbow bursts into a room, showering Skittles candies. As individuals scramble to catch them, the sheer ludicrousness of the scene ignites your imagination.

This sweets brand has perfected the skill of amusing people with their wit and cleverly designed memes. Their approach is marked by playfulness, unexpected surprises, and humour, injecting a delightful and unconventional dimension into the sweets industry.

red and yellow Drumstick lollies


Drumstick is a classic British sweet brand known for its unique product concept, which has played a key role in its branding success for the last 60 years.

The Drumstick lolly, a chewy toffee and raspberry-flavoured sweet on a stick, offers a novel combination of flavours and textures. It will also have you chewing it for hours!

This beloved sweet with its dual flavours and distinct chewy texture has made it a firm favourite among consumers, particularly in the UK.

In terms of branding, it taps into a sense of nostalgia, reminding consumers of their childhood treats and simpler times.

The brand has also maintained its iconic red and yellow packaging, which is instantly recognisable and reinforces its heritage.

Additionally, Drumstick has ventured into ‘Squashies,’ providing a softer alternative for customers who prefer a different texture compared to the classic lolly’s chewiness.
person holding hersheys chocolate bar

Hershey’s Chocolate

Hershey’s chocolate is no stranger to branding mistakes in the past (check out this list of rebranding failures to find out more), yet they remain one of the most popular sweets brands in the world.

So what do customers love?

Hersheys make a range of sweets, but primarily they’re known for their chocolate. This sets the direction for their visual identity as they use brown packaging with silver writing.

It has been a staple of American sweets for generations, and has remained one of the top candy choices since 1894.

Hershey’s marketing campaigns have also left a lasting impression over the years, emphasising the importance of tradition and family.

The company has also taken strides in social responsibility, promoting cocoa sustainability and community development in cocoa-producing regions. Through a commitment to quality, innovation, and a global reach, Hershey’s has remained at the forefront of the chocolate industry, capturing the hearts of chocolate lovers across the globe.
blue moam logo on green tube of sweets


Moam is a popular European sweets brand recognised for its soft, chewy texture and range of fruity flavours.

These sweets usually come individually wrapped and are ideal for party bags or for a little treat when you’re on the go.

The key thing about Moam’s branding and why it is successful, is its playful and whimsical approach. On the brand’s packaging, you’ll usually find fun and quirky characters, adding a sense of personality and innocence to the sweets.

Whilst simple in execution, for example, an orange character is used for the orange flavour, a strawberry represents the strawberry flavour, and so on, they add charm to the product packaging.

These characters and their adventures are often showcased in marketing campaigns, engaging consumers and creating a memorable brand experience.

Moam’s wide variety of gummy shapes and flavours cater to different tastes, making it appealing to a diverse audience.

They have also managed to establish a sense of nostalgia among consumers who grew up enjoying these sweets, reinforcing its status as a timeless and beloved brand.
multicoloured smarties sweets


Smarties are colourful, chocolatey sweets that are known worldwide.

When it comes to unpicking their branding, let’s start with the product packaging. Although the primary colour is dark blue, their packaging is always vibrant and instantly recognisable, with the Smarties sweets dotted around like flying frisbees!

The sweet brand also has embossed lettering which is a core part of the visual brand identity, with a brown border (representing gooey chocolate) around the wordmark. This has remained consistent for decades, creating a strong brand identity and building brand equity.

On top of this, Smarties have a reputation for being fun and shareable due to their small, button-like shape and assortment of colours. Aside from coming in the classic Smarties tube, you can also buy pouches and sharing bags making them a great choice for children and adults alike.

They have also cleverly tapped into the appeal of nostalgia, evoking fond memories of childhood. The brand’s tagline, “Only Smarties Have The Answer,” adds an element of curiosity and playfulness to the product, again broadening its appeal.

Wine gums

Ah, wine gums. One of my absolute favourites on this list of sweets branding!

As a classic British confectionery brand, Wine gums are best known for their unique flavours and chewy texture. Everyone has their favourite flavour wine gum flavour, and these are always the ones you eat first!

The success of Wine Gums’ branding lies in their traditional and timeless appeal as they have maintained their distinct brand name and product shapes for years. The gums usually come in five shapes: kidney, crown, rhombus, circle and oblong, and are usually labelled with the name of a wine.

For example, Maynards use port, sherry, champagne, burgundy, and claret whereas other manufacturers may prefer different names such as rioja, merlot or rum. However despite these wine-inspired names, they contain no alcohol and this is often stated on the packaging.

Where the name and shapes originated from is a bit of a mystery but one theory believes that wine gums were so-called in an attempt to lure people away from alcohol, giving them a flavourful substitute.

Aside from this sense of mystique, Wine gums also emphasise the use of natural colours and flavours, appealing to consumers looking for something a little more wholesome.
assorted jelly babies sweets

Jelly babies

Jelly Babies, a sugary and chewy sweet, are a beloved British confectionery brand.

The Jelly Babies’ branding is more likely known for its playful and unique approach, as the sweets resemble little babies.

This distinctive feature makes them instantly recognisable and endearing as the Jelly Babies characters are also featured looking happy and welcoming.

In fact did you know they all even have their own names?!

The Jelly Baby gang includes Bubbles (the yellow one), Baby Bonny ( the red one), Boofuls (the green jelly baby), Bigheart (the dark purple, blackcurrant flavoured baby) and Bumper (the orange one).

The brand has also capitalised on various associations as these little babies have had more than one TV appearance in their time, including on Doctor Who, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and even Doc Martin.

They’re also said to be firm favourite with the royal family!
blue refresher sweets

Swizzels Refreshers

Swizzels Refreshers Sweets are a popular favourite with sweet lovers of all ages.

As a chewy, lemon treat with a sherbet centre, they make a great addition to any pick ‘n’ mix and give a real zesty flavour. They were invented 60 years ago when someone at Swizzels discovered the secret of adding the fizz!

This zesty-ness is carried through to the product packaging which has consistently remained blue and yellow to represent the lemon fruitiness of the sweet. The colour blue also signifies the ‘refreshing’ element tying the visuals into the product.

Refreshers can be enjoyed either as a thin bar in a strip-like form or as a chunky cubed sweet, depending on individual preference. Swizzels have also branched out when it comes to Refreshes adding in other flavours to the classic lemon, such as strawberry and lime.

Similarly to Drumstick, you can also buy ‘Refresher Squashies’ for those not wanting to spend half an hour chewing, appealing to a wider variety of customers.
lovehearts sweets on pink plate

Love Hearts

Love Hearts are a charming and iconic British sweets brand, best known for their small, heart-shaped sweets imprinted with romantic messages.

Their branding success is down to their ability to tap into sentiments of love and nostalgia. Albeit a tad on the cheesy end of the scale, people enjoy reading out the little messages that can be found on eating sweets.

We’ve all done it!

Love Hearts are often associated with expressions of affection, making them a popular choice for gifts and for the romantic souls out there.

The brand’s product packaging is distinctive, featuring vibrant colours and the classic retro font that has remained unchanged for years, reinforcing its vintage appeal.

What’s great about this sweets branding is that Lovehearts take advantage of seasonal marketing campaigns around Valentine’s Day, therefore strengthening their association with love and romance.

The Key Ingredients for Successful Sweets Branding

In the world of confectionery, effective branding is the golden ticket to sweet success.

As we’ve explored in this blog, successful sweets branding is a combination of tradition, innovation, and creating an emotional connection with consumers.
Brands like Skittles, Lindt, Drumstick, and countless others have mastered the art of captivating their audiences through memorable packaging, evoking nostalgia, and creating unique sensory experiences.

Sweets are not just something to be eaten as they can signify moments of joy and happy memories, when brands capture the right emotions.

Hopefully, you’ve found some ideas and inspiration for your next branding project! But if you need any help, then get in touch with our team. We’ve worked with lots of brands in the snack sector such as OPI Frutta, and we can help ensure your brand makes an impact.

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