Tasty Donut Brands and Donut Packaging to Digest


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Normally the best thing about getting donuts is the donuts themselves. But in this post you are going to have to tease your tastebuds for a little longer so we can appreciate the packaging and design elements of donut brands.

This list contains some big names in the donut world that we have all heard of, and some smaller brands that might be new to you.

But they have all one thing in common: they do a great job in advertising their donut brand to the world.

If you’d rather listen to us talking about the importance of packaging design rather than reading it, then check out the below video:

So get ready, I am about to make you all incredibly hungry and hopefully make you appreciate the design work that has went into these scrumptious donut brands.

krispy kreme donuts in boxes
Credit to Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

Let’s start big; we all know Krispy Kreme.

And if you don’t, where have you been and why don’t you eat donuts?!

Anyway… Krispy Kreme have brilliant packaging. It is well designed and instantly recognisable as The old American diner style gives the brand and packaging a visual that people love.

Krispy Kreme is an established brand and doesn’t have to do a great deal anymore to sell its products.

But in this world, if you aren’t adapting and innovating, you will eventually get left behind.

Krispy Kreme are a huge company, and have the ability to go full hog when it comes to marketing. They create special donut packs for certain holidays and recently created the “Pudsey Dozen” all in support of Children in Need, all with its own unique packaging.

They have even went as far as creating donut walls and towers ready to buy for parties or gatherings.

Now if you are a small company, it can be hard to throw money at all sorts of marketing, but it doesn’t have to be big. You can look throughout the year and plot events where you could create something to help with your business marketing.

So, not only do Krispy Kreme have some lovely packaging, they really take advantage of every opportunity to market themselves.

Packaging box of Bronuts
Credit to One Plus One Design


I have talked about Bronuts in a previous post, but I thought it was so good it had to make the cut for this list also.

Bronuts has some beautifully designed minimal packaging, using elements from the well crafted brand.

They keep white as the main colour with simple branding elements throughout and they polish off this minimal packaging with clever personable messaging.

For example, on a donut box where you lift the lid, there is a lip that simply says “YUM!”. Bringing in simple touches like this can enhance the experience of consumers using the packaging as it’s something a little different. I know I would smirk if I seen that as I was opening the packaging, as ‘yum’ is probably exactly what I’m thinking!

Creating a more personable and engaging experience is a big part of packaging design.

Obviously the product is important but if you can make the user not only enjoy your donuts, but also enjoy the whole experience, then you’re onto a winner.

This means you are building relationships with customers that are rooted in your brand, not just your product. These relationships are harder to break, but that means you, as a brand, have to hold up your end of the bargain. You have set the bar high, now you have to stick to it and go above it.

Selection of Voodoo Doughnuts
Credit to Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut are a donut brand with locations all over the west coast of the US, along with a couple of locations in Universal Studio resorts. They have a very particular style and that runs through into their products.

In the last example I talked about creating relationships with customers.

This creates a picture in the customers head of what they can expect from your brand, in both product and personality. Voodoo make this personality crystal clear from the get go.

Their signature donut is the Voodoo Doll which is shaped exactly like a voodoo doll with a pretzel stake in it. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they are incredibly forward-thinking and cheeky with some of their donut designs.

Please go and look for yourself, however I should warn that some are not family friendly!

Essentially, you should never be afraid of being who you are.

Some people may not like it, but you’re never going to make everyone happy.

If you set your stall out early, your customers will know what they will be getting and will come to expect that. Now if you are in a business where content is sensitive, it is probably best not to go down a forward and cheeky route. So, it’s key to understand who you are and what message you want to put across.

Happy Maple Donut Packaging
Credit to Garbett

Happy Maple

Happy Maple is a Adelaide-based bakery all about producing small batch 100% vegan donuts which are made from gluten, tree nut, and peanut free products. This is an ever-growing trend as consumers are becoming more savvy about what they are putting into their bodies and how it is affecting the planet.

Similar to the last two examples, Happy Maple put their flag in the ground very firmly with what they are about. And through their branding, messaging, and packaging they have projected this.

I have written a few posts that delve into packaging design, and they have some great examples of sustainable packaging. Give them a read here:

Happy Maple keep their packaging minimal, using a simple sleeve with donut illustrations on top of a contrasting vibrant blue colour.

On the surface, they seem to use a sustainable container that the sleeve wraps round. However, when doing my research, I could not find any confirmation, although this would sit perfectly with the brands overall message.

Similar to Voodoo, Happy Maple have went full steam ahead with who they are and their brand messaging.

Pack of 4 Dots Original Donuts
Credit to Dots Original

Dots Original

Dots are the perfect example of how to keep things simple.

Sometimes design can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to packaging.

Figuring out what needs to be on the packaging, how you represent the product, and how the user is going to interact with it all can be a headache.

What you can be left with is a lot of information all getting packed onto a small item of packaging. Dots have decided to take away a lot of that worry and kept the design of their packaging minimal. And in doing so, clutter-free.

They only include information that is required by law or information that helps build brand recognition. And after that they do very little. They have a picture of the product, the logo, and essentially that’s it.

Even the packaging colour is neutral or transparent.

Making packaging transparent is a clever way to allow the consumer to see the product for what it is. No unrealistic representations of the product means you could come across more trustworthy, as you’re almost most saying ‘this is our product and we aren’t hiding it.’

Finding subtle ways to suggest certain messaging to consumers is key. Whether that is having transparent packaging to show that you aren’t hiding anything, or using natural colours to show all your products use natural ingredients.

Packaging is powerful as it allows you to build on the existing brand message.

Packaging Concept fo 8Munkar
Credit to Emelie Johannesson / Oliver Sjöqvist


A few of the examples in this post have had a very 50’s, American diner visual to them.

Obviously the big guns like Krispy Kreme have built their brand around this. But when I came across this packaging concept for donuts, I loved the fact they took that visual style and threw it in the bin.

And they didn’t hold back on telling us either.

They ditched that recognisable visual style that comes with many donut brands and swapped it for a typically Scandinavian style that matches perfectly with the Swedish treat they were packaging.

The packaging concept itself is all about user experience.

The idea of being on the go is what we have all gotten used to as we are now eating, drinking, messaging, and even paying bills all on the go.

But once you have opened up a pack of donuts on the go, they are open, losing that freshness and just being a bit awkward to carry.

Step forward the packaging designed by Emelie Johannesson and Oliver Sjöqvist. They have created a carry box that allows you to pull one out at a time, each with its own wipe, napkin, and a message telling you exactly how many you have left.

8Munkar is a great example of being who you are.

They did not feel the trendy 50s, American diner visual was for them. So they used that to their advantage in the packaging. Have a look through the full project here.

Gift Voucher for Proven Goods Co
Credit to Proven Goods Co

Proven Goods Co

Proven Goods Co are a small batch bakery based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, who have built a brand using social media.

Let’s start by delving into the brand and how it looks.

Again similar to 8Munkar, they have ditched the 50s, American visual style and went with a much softer and more inviting hand drawn approach. They have matched this with a softer colour palette, using pink and a charcoal grey. Both the colour and the hand drawn elements come together to create a unique and personable brand.

Proven Goods Co use their social media to its full extent by posting great content that not only looks delicious, but is informational too.

For example, alongside all the images of mouth watering donuts, they explain how you can purchase donuts and where they will be.

Any business needs to understand that social media is now a big influence on consumers buying patterns. And if you are to be successful and grow, you need to harness the power of social media for your business.

Whilst this looks different depending on your industry, social media can be a powerful tool.

Tasty Donut Brands and Donut Packaging to Digest

Hopefully this post has given you plenty of insight into how you could build a successful donut brand.

You can use these tips and tricks for other food businesses too, to build brand recognition and to attract more customers to your offering.

However, if you were only here because you seen donuts on the feature image, then we’ve probably made you very hungry. Will you be off to Krispy Kreme now to satisfy your craving?!

If you need any help building your food brand or are in another industry for that matter, then get in touch with the team at Canny. We’ve worked with lots of brands in the food sector, including OPI Frutta to create packaging that stands out on shelves.