Styling and Thriving: Finding The Best Business Travel Bags


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Every effective businessman/businesswoman knows to be successful is to have the right gear – or the right case/bag to carry said gear – which is where this post on the best business travel bags is bound to come in handy!

If you’ve spent enough time looking, then you’ll already know that there is an abundance of travel bags to pick and choose from at the moment.

Choosing the right one can be a tough one, with some of the top brands constantly coming out with something new that trumps the majority of their previous bags by a considerable margin.

We should probably clear this up before we go any further:

When we say ‘business bags’ or ‘business travel bags’ we are referring to bags of all kinds, including travel cases and satchels; anything that can be used to transport items from A to B that someone in business would use.

Please note that we haven’t been paid by any of the brands mentioned below. Every business bag you see has been hand chosen by us, based on the quality of the bag, its features, how many compartments it has, and more.

Now, let’s dive in.

TUMI International bag on a custom background

TUMI International Expandable 4-Wheeled Carry-On

Brand: TUMI Luggage
Price: £995
Weight:: 4,904 kg
Dimensions: 56 x 23 x35.5cm
Material: Polycarbonate & ABS

The first business case we’d like to direct your attention to is a very interesting one (at least from a design perspective) from TUMI luggage, a known maker of quality travel bags fit for business folk of all genders.

We should preface this particular post with a bit of a disclaimer, as this is a very, let’s say, ‘out there’ choice.

The pattern on this particular case features various birds and shapes. The outside strap that protects the case is a very bright red colour too, making it stand out an awful lot when compared to some of the other business travel bags we’ll cover here.

You might be asking why we’ve chosen to include this case because of how Marmite-like the design is.

And the answer to such a question is simple:

Some would call this ‘stylish,’ and the case does more than enough on the durability and features front for it to warrant your interest.

The features alone put a lot of other business bags to shame, with its USB-C port, large U-zip pocket with security zipper, retractable top and side handles, and built-in TSA combination lock.

Bellroy Venture Duffel on a custom background

Bellroy Venture Duffel 40L

Brand: Bellroy
Price: £159
Capacity: 40L
Dimensions: 350 x 650 x 275 mm
Material: Recycled nylon

Like TUMI, Bellroy is another reputable business bag brand, known for its cost-effective lineup of leather-free travel companions.

Its venture duffel is quite different from your standard duffel – or travel case. It is a rugged duffel that sports a clean, minimalist barrel shape. The ultra-wide zip is a noticeable inclusion here, which should allow you to easily store items within.

Inside you’ll find elevated mesh zip pockets that are perfect for setting aside valuable items, like keys, wallets, headphones, and passports. And don’t worry about it being unsafe or not secure.

The main zipper is lockable, not to mention, water-resistant.

While this is a rugged option, it’s by no means less viable compared to some of the more sophisticated options out there. It’s arguably the best duffel on the market, in our opinion, and is a worthy addition to our travel bag roundup.

Antler Prestwick Set in Khaki on a custom background

Antler Prestwick Set in Khaki

Brand: Antler
Price: £587
Capacity: Various
Dimensions: Various
Material: Polyester

We couldn’t dedicate a blog to the best business travel bags and not give a nod to Antler, who are hands down one of the very best in this market.

Rather than choose one case over another, we’ve opted for the Prestwick Set in Khaki, which happens to be one of the most popular options amongst business travellers if reviews and word-of-mouth is anything to go by.

The set here consists of multiple bags – each as different as the last as far as size goes. All are made out of lightweight polyester and feature multiple compartments within.

What we like about the Preswick Set is it balances that classic, chic feel, with modern ingenuity and design. Also, it comes with a 10-year warranty if you buy it directly from the Antler store.

Never a bad thing to have if you’re travelling around a lot.

Bennett Winch's SC holdall on a custom background

Bennett Winch “The S.C Holdall”

Brand: Bennett Winch
Price: £750
Capacity: 32L
Dimensions: 54 x 31 x 34 cm

This next business travel bag will look very familiar if you’ve watched the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die. There’s a scene in the movie where 007 is handed a suit in a very sophisticated-looking olive bag.

That bag was The S.C Holdall from Bennett Winch. Bennett Winch are a heritage brand based out of the UK that prides itself on the fact that its products are made on home soil.

Like some of the other business bags mentioned, this holdall comes in multiple colours:

  • Olive
  • Black
  • Sand
  • Chocolate

As it stands, certain colours of The S.C Holdall are currently sold out on the Bennett Winch website, but there is a pre-order option that should help you get the one you want.

North Face Commuter backpack on custom background

Commuter Roll-Top Backpack

Brand: The North Face
Price: £100
Capacity: 20L
Size: One Size
Material: Recycled Polyester

Yet another interesting choice for you travelling business folk out there. When most think of travel backpacks, they instantly think of Herschel.

Don’t get it twisted either, Herschel is a great brand with a rich heritage that goes back years.

We just prefer The North Face as far as travel backpacks go – especially when the backpack in question is the Commuter Roll-Top backpack.

This juggernaut of a travel bag is one of the sleekest bags you could ever have over your shoulders and back; it’s also incredibly roomy; deceptively roomy, even. Design-wise, we would put this over any Heschel backpack any day of the week; would you agree?

Made from 300D recycled polyester with TPU laminate, the bag is said to hold up well against water and any other liquids. It’s also available in a range of unique colours, for anyone interested in the best travel bag from this streetwear/lifestyle brand.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other outstanding features that stood out to us with this business bag:

  • Side compression
  • 15” laptop pocket
  • Roll-top functionality
  • Reflective logo

Arloskye Zipper bag on custom background

The Zipper Carry-On Max with Front Pocket

Brand: Arloskye
Price: £315 (Roughly)
Capacity: 47L
Size: 23 x 14.7 x 10.3 inches

It might be one of the more expensive luggage options on the market, but it certainly lives up to its price tag, we’ll say that.

Introducing the Zipper Carry-On Max, a tone-on-tone, hard-shell business travel bag that is as multifaceted as they come. Everytime we look at this bag or read up on it we learn something new. A new compartment, a new feature, a new way to carry it, etc.

The outside shell is made out of impact-resistant polycarbonate, meaning it can take quite a few whacks and not feel a thing. You could call it the Tyson Fury of business bags and not one person would question you.

The inside utilises anti-microbial interior lining to help keep the items in there secure and free of dust, which is a great feature to have if you’ve got your laptop or anything else of value in there.

Easily the best thing about this case is the front pocket, which is already hinted at with its name. The front pocket here has more space than most cases do in its main compartment.

And who could forget the removable charger. That’s right, this business bag has a portable charger, one capable of charging your phone to the half-way point in under 30 mins.

Respark garment bag on a custom background

Respark Garment Bag

Brand: Samsonite
Price: £125
Capacity: 62L
Size: 36 x 57 x 17 inches

If you’re the planet-friendly type, there’s this high-end business bag from Samsonite – a bag that works best when you have it either over your shoulder or in your hand as you’re boarding a flight/walking around.

At first glance this looks like your typical laptop bag, but it’s actually a lot more than that.

The bag actually folds out, revealing a much longer storage compartment, perfect for hanging up clothing and not getting it too creased.

The Midnight Blue colour is very regal to look at, and is balanced nicely by the silver zips you see on the front and back of the bag. We’d have loved Samsonite to have included maybe a little bit more personality, but that’s not to say that it isn’t visually appealing in its current look.

Overall, this is an ergonomic solution for business travel – one that won’t weigh you down, or be a hindrance when you’re pulling it down from luggage compartments.

John Lewis Lugano bag on a custom background

John Lewis & Partners ‘Lugano’

Brand: John Lewis & Partners
Price: £129
Capacity: 42L
Size: 56 x 68x 79 cm

Who said you had to break the bank to roll around with a decent business case? UK retailer, John Lewis & Partners have provided you with a great option here – a great option if you’re looking to travel light and prefer stowing your luggage in the cabin.

Available in four colours, the Lugano is as lightweight as they come, and can be pulled along quite nicely thanks to its easy-use handle.

We’ll admit, it’s not the fanciest business travel bag in the world. Still, it does more than enough to help you take your gear from A to B with minimal fuss or trouble.

Oh, and it comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee, which should cover you for many business trips to come!

Ted Baker Albany bag on custom background

Ted Baker Albany 2-Wheel Business Bag

Brand: Ted Baker
Price: £245
Capacity: 32L
Size: 40 x 35 x 25cm

Not many business bags can live up to the reputation of a Ted Baker, especially with its Albany 2-Wheel Business Bag being such a great option. In fact, this business travel bag is so good, you’ll barely find it in stock anywhere.

This lavish business bag consists of various moving parts, from its lustrous 900 denier black twill that is exceptionally lightweight and highly durable, to the contrasting front pocket that adds a touch of class practically everywhere you roam.

Like other Ted Baker products, the iconic logo can be found front and centre in a signature rose gold colour. You’ll find the brand name across many parts of this bag, it’s partly what makes it such a viable business bag – more so if you’re looking for something with status.

It might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying the appeal of a travel bag such as this.

EASTPAK's Tranzshell case on custom background

EASTPAK Tranzshell Hand Luggage

Price: £125
Capacity: 32L
Size: 36 x 57 x 17 inches

Simplicity/ease-of-use is a major consideration amongst buyers looking for their first/next business case. It’s a popular consideration for a reason, and is why a case like EASTPAK’s Tranzshell Hand Luggage is such a hit amongst business folk!

This lightweight case is as smooth as it gets, and is more than equipped to handle anything you’re wanting to put it through.

Also, don’t let the outside of this case fool you. It might look hard on the surface, but inside it is made from an innovative foam and fabric hybrid for keeping your stuff safe.

While there aren’t as many fabrics or cool features as some of the other business travel bags in the list, it more than makes up for that with things like its 360-degree easy wheeling system.

The ergonomic handle grips and freestanding design are also worthy of a mention. What can we say, this business bag has great posture and is an example of a case that actually looks like what you see in product images!

Lexicon wide carry-on on custom background

Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Dual-Caster Carry-On

Brand: Victorinox
Price: £455
Capacity: 42L
Size: 25 x 44 x 56 cm

Make no mistake about it, this is a carry-on with global ambitions. This Dual-Caster, Wide-Body business case from Victorinox is for a completely different class of business person.

Just looking at it gives me a smell of mahogany and whiskey. If we can make another pop culture reference for a second:

This is the sort of bag that a Don Draper would have.

The wide stance of the bag gives the owner a lot more room to play with, and the adjustable handle makes it incredibly easy to switch from one stance to the next. Know that buyers have the option between one of two durable fabrics:

  1. ForteLux
  2. TourMax

‘Innovative’ is the word we’d use to describe this expert piece of Swiss design and engineering. If this is your first time seeing the Lexicon 2.0, tell us, what do you make of it? Is it something you can see yourself pulling around?

Globe-Trotter Centenary on a custom background

Globe-Trotter Centenary Carry-On-4 Wheels

Brand: Globe-Trotter
Price: £1,595
Capacity: 34L
Size: 40 x 55 x 21 cm

There’s sophistication, and then there’s Globe-Trotter sophistication.

This brand is known across the world for its rustic take on travel bags, cases, and carry-ons. They do a lot of collaborations with some big-name brands, but the carry-on we want to talk about today is part of Globe-Trotter’s ‘Midnight’ collection.

From the vulcanised fibreboard to the leather handles, from the corners and straps to the locks and studs, from the internal lining to the webbing belts – everything is now in black.

The result is a very sophisticated silhouette, ideal for travellers with a penchant for the monochrome aesthetic.

The Centenary Carry-On is a throwback in every sense of the word – a carry-on that commands attention. It’s timeless, and is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new business travel bag.

Maxwell Scott's Alanzo on a custom background

The Alanzo

Brand: Maxwell-Scott
Price: £619
Weight: 2.08 kgL
Size: 42 x 30 x 11 cm

From one sophisticated business bag to the next! Many of you might have come across The Alanzo before in your travels; which is totally understandable as it’s a popular bag, one with a stellar reputation.

Made from leather, the build-quality is off the charts, which applies to all colours of The Alanzo. This bag was handcrafted in Italy, and you can tell given just how good it looks.

You don’t need to wear a suit with this one to see its full potential, but it helps.

Inside you’ll find two main zip compartments, which provide plenty of space for your daily work essentials. Let’s run down some of the other outstanding features, for reference:

  • Large pocket
  • Smartphone pocket
  • Removable umbrella straps
  • Adjustable leather strap
  • Vegetable tanned leather

Yes, the price is on the high side for this type of bag. That said, we’d say it’s worth every penny. It’s like we said, to be an effective business person, you need the right gear. And, well, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Floyd Trunk Case on a custom background

Floyd Trunk Case

Brand: Floyd
Price: £619
Weight: 2.08 kgL
Size: 42 x 30 x 11 cm

Who is Floyd? Floyd is another one of those acquired-taste-types, in that it’s a business hard shell case inspired by 70s skateboarding culture.

Floyd’s suitcases are set on four iconic polyurethane wheels, echoing Cadillac iterations introduced in 1973 that were used by LA skaters to champion their low-slung surfing style on the streets.

The result is a seamlessly smooth, silent travel companion, each coloured in a variety of hues inspired by Southern California. Know that the wheels on every Floyd stay the same (cherry red), making the cases very easy to spot out of a lineup.

If we were to pick any colour from the bunch, we’d have to go with the olive colour. It just blends so well with the colour of the wheels, and looks the best.

Maybe you have a different opinion?

Styling and Thriving: Finding The Best Business Travel Bags

And there you have it. That was our selection of the best business travel bags you’ll find at the moment. What did you think? Were the bags included enough to inspire you in your decision-making process?

Do keep checking this post as we will be constantly updating it as new business bags are released. Brands such as Bellroy and TUMI have a habit of releasing something new, for what feels like, every quarter.

One way to stay ahead of the curve with new releases is to follow the brand you like on social media (which some of you might have done already). Speaking of social media…

Be sure to let us know what your favourite business bag is from the list included above. Also, don’t hesitate to inform us of any other business bags that are worth shouting out. It’s like we said at the top of this post:

There are so many options to pick and choose from, it makes finding hidden gems in the world of business travel bags all the more difficult!

So, where will you and your trusty business bag be heading next?