The Complete List of Healthcare Events for You to Attend

If you’re working within the healthcare industry, it’s essential to attend or take part in healthcare events around the world.

Whether you attend conferences or congresses, or you are an exhibitor at a 3 day summit, all of these events provide opportunities to broaden knowledge and network with professionals.

Annually there are global events on all aspects of healthcare, including events for healthcare recruitment, pharmaceutical research and updates, digital healthcare, and healthcare equipment and services.

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Therefore, we have provided a list of over 40 healthcare events in the industry that are worth talking about, and more importantly, worth attending.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in a specific area of healthcare, build relationships with other industry professionals, or meet suppliers in-person, there will be an event in this list that works for you!

So, let’s get started!


Below are a list of events that are coming up in the month of January

audience at corporate event

International Conference on Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Health Sciences(ICMPH)

When: 8-9th January 2023
Where: Manchester, UK
Tickets: Prices starting at $150

The aim of the conference is to provide the platform for Students, Engineers, Researchers and Scientists to share the knowledge and ideas in the recent trends in the field of Science, Engineering & Technology.

This conference will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, and allows attendees papers to be read and discussed among experts.

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Crowd at corporate event

ASA Anaesthesiology Business Event

Where: Orlando
When: 27-29th January
Tickets: Not applicable for this event

The business of anaesthesiology continues to evolve, and at the ASA event you can gather fresh perspectives, transformative technologies, and practical tools.

You can join ASA for a stimulating weekend each year devoted to establishing a successful, sustainable business, filled with anaesthesiology-specific content for any practice size and setting.

This event will host keynote speakers, hot sessions on topics that matter to you, and allow you to share your own expertise.

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people with hands up at event

Fertility Conference

When: 10-13th January 2023
Where: ICC,Belfast
Tickets: Not applicable for this event

The innovative and exciting programme will showcase a high-profile panel of national and international speakers, with a wide range of sessions focusing on specialist areas in fertility and reproductive biology.

Additionally, there will be interactive Q&A sessions, and the chance to view the latest work and research taking place in the field, in the short paper sessions and the digital poster presentations.

There will be education opportunities along with the chance to network with friends, colleagues and industry partners.

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full conference room

Health Economists Study Group Winter Conference

When: 11th – 13th January 2023
Where: The University of Manchester/ Midland Hotel
Tickets: £350 without accommodation

This 3 day conference event will be held in Manchester the itinerary is as follows:

  • 11th January – registration and lunch, afternoon sessions, members meeting, welcome drinks & lightning talks session, hot buffet dinner at The Midland Hotel.
  • 12th January – breakfast, morning sessions (with refreshments), lunch, afternoon sessions, Plenary at The Midland Hotel with conference dinner, social event in Manchester.
  • 13th January – breakfast, morning sessions , meeting close.

Further information will be provided closer to the event!

person laying out lanyards

International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

When: 2-3rd January 2023
Where: Glasgow UK
Tickets: Not applicable for this event

The ICMHS conference is an international forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of Medical and Health Sciences.

The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

We warmly welcome authors to submit new research papers to ICMHS, and all full paper submissions will also be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.

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Full room of people

International Conference on Digital Healthcare (ICDH)

When: 30-31st January 2023
Where: New York / Online
Tickets: Free online registration

The International Research Conference is dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program.

ICDH aims to bring together leading academic scientists and researchers to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Digital Healthcare.

It also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in Digital Healthcare.

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Now let’s move onto the healthcare events that are taking place in February.

man presenting to an audience

International Conference on Telemedicine and Digital Health

When: 6-7th February
Where: Rome, Italy
Tickets: Prices starting at $599

The theme of this Conference is ‘The remote delivery of healthcare services for managing COVID-19’ and will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

This conference offers a customised platform for each segment of attendees to present their research and experience, and features such as, discussion on roundtable topics, tech insights and demonstrations, sessions and speakers, and networking opportunities.

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NHS workforce retention event website
Credit to Government Events

The NHS Workforce Event 2024: Recruitment, Retention, and Wellbeing

When: 7th February
Where: Online / Virtual
Tickets: Prices starting at £329

At the NHS Workforce Event 2023: Recruitment, Retention and Wellbeing you can hear the latest plans for improving recruitment, retention and wellbeing support within the NHS workforce.

(This event in particular can be viewed as both a Healthcare event and a Recruitment event, so we have included it within both events posts.)

There will be the opportunity to engage with best practice case studies across a range of key issues, including recruitment initiatives to engage young people, retaining experienced staff and developing robust health and wellbeing policies to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

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conference hall

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

When: 23-24th February
Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tickets: Prices starting from $640

Pharma Biotech 2023 is a platform to discuss various disciplines involved in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and the conference hosts presentations and distributes information.

Attendees can meet with current and potential professors, researchers, scientists and make a splash with new developments of biotech pharmaceuticals.

The conference invites all the participants across the globe to attend and share their insights and convey recent developments in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences and Biotechnology.

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IFC Global event
Credit to IFC

IFC Global Private Health Conference 2023: Developing Resilient Health Systems in Emerging Markets

When: 14-15th February
Where: Capetown, South Africa
Tickets: Not applicable for this event

IFC and partners are hosting their 9th health conference in February. It is a global platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and discussion on the private sector’s role in contributing to healthcare excellence and the goal of universal health coverage.

Through engaging sessions and interactive panel discussions topics such as strengthening health systems, shifting paradigms in pharma, and making smart investment choices, will be discussed.

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audience sat down at a conference

AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

When: 19-22nd February
Where: JW Marriott, San Antonio Texas
Tickets: Starting price of $675

This conference brings together top practitioners to share strategies and resources for accelerating the shift to a more integrated and sustainable rural health system.

We’ll examine the most significant operational, financial and environmental challenges and present innovative approaches to transform your organisation’s care delivery model and business practices.

By attending you can gain valuable tools, revitalise leadership, learn best practices in healthcare, and understand the latest developments for rural hospitals and communities.

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woman in black top with stethoscope round her neck

Digital Health & Care Scotland 2023

When: 21-22 February 2023
Where: Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh
Tickets: Free

This year marks the 12th annual Digital Health & Care conference, an event that runs for two days exploring exciting developments within the healthcare sector.

The event will bring together health and social care professionals to explore how digital solutions are vital in the recovery and remobilisation of the NHS and social care system as we learn to live with COVID-19.

This event equally offers the opportunity to network with stakeholders as well as experts in the industry to expand knowledge and understanding of digital health and care.

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Field Service Medical 2023
Credit to Field Service

Field Service Medical 2023

When: 27-28th February
Where: Hilton San Diego, Bayfront
Tickets: Prices starting from $2,149

Field service are the conference leaders in customer success, service and support, and will kick off 2023 with hundreds of tactics that will revolutionise your service, support and customer care operation in the medical industry.

Field Service Medical is the only interactive, peer-led conference for senior service and support leaders in the medical device industry. Since 2012, the company has helped thousands of service leaders navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment, medical device connectivity, and training the next generation of field service technicians.

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We have reached springtime and we are onto the healthcare events you need to pencil in your diary for March!

empty chairs

14th International Congress on Internal and Hospital Medicine

When: 1-2nd March
Where: Berlin, Germany
Tickets: Prices starting at $799

The theme of the conference is “Physicians must be involved to make healthcare innovation a good thing for everyone”, and this meeting brings out many research topics on Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine.

The Internal and Hospital Medicine Congress will hold a variety of presentations including:

  • Oral presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Video presentations
  • Honourable guest presentations

Additionally there will be the opportunity to visit exhibitions and fill out questionnaires on internal medicine.

As with many of these events there will be free lunch and the opportunity to network with professionals and peers.

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empty chairs in theatre

ECR 2023

When: 1-5th March
Where: Vienna, Austria
Tickets: Prices starting at 340 Euros

This year the European Congress of Radiology will take a dive into its theme of the cycle of life with a strong focus on the diversity of radiology and its use throughout all stages of the human life cycle.

Much like in previous years, the 2023 programme will invite guests from both inside and outside the world of radiology to provide their professional insights into imaging and the role it plays into the healthcare continuum.

Residents, students, mentors, mentees and experts in the field will share their views on these issues and many others in this series of interactive sessions, which will give younger participants an open platform to discuss the topics most important to them.

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people around a table at work event

2nd International Conference on Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

When: 20-21st March
Where: Vancouver, Canada
Tickets: Prices starting at $199

The theme for this event “Proliferating wellness by Clinical Nutrition”. The Clinical Nutrition 2023 will present a comprehensive update on the global efforts, clinical trials, and research programs, and case studies from industry and academia.

This conference is specially designed to bring together keynotes addresses, high quality presentations, oral presentations, intense scientific and research topics, panel discussions, workshops and ample networking opportunities.

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arena filled with audience

International Congress on Global Healthcare

When: 14-15th March 2023
Where: Online
Tickets: Webinar alone £279

Global Healthcare 2023 is a conference that surrounds vital international experts from doctors, hospitals specialists, researchers and total physicians, Student Delegates, and exhibitors from all over the globe.

This conference will be enclosing oral presentations, poster presentations, keynote talks, and workshops, to motivate scholars and researchers to share their successes, results and encounters they’ve had during their careers.

Global Healthcare 2023 brings together individuals who have an interest in different fields of Global Healthcare.

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Improving patient flow event
Credit to Open Forum Events

Improving Patient Flow Performance: Supporting The Recovery

When: 21st March 2023
Where: Pendulum Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester
Tickets: £195 – General admission

This annual event examines the causes of interrupted patient flow and acts as a platform to explore the ways in which reliable flow can be maintained.

This highly informative conference will field a programme of presentations, delivered by a line-up of expert speakers, to provide insight, offer opinion and stimulate debate as to how to improve patient flow performance.

The agenda will showcase a number of initiatives and examples of best practice from throughout the health and social care system, and there will be opportunity for interactive discussion and networking amongst professionals and peers.

Credit to
ViVE Event

ViVE 2023

When: 26-29th March
Where: Nashville, Tennessee
Tickets: £2,095

This event takes place over the course of 4 days in Nashville, and will convene senior and executive leaders in the digital healthcare space and provide an enjoyable engagement environment.

ViVE focuses on driving growth opportunities through curated connections, personalised attendee journeys, and progressive programming.

The event gathers the world’s leading digital healthcare luminaries from both public and private sectors. These speakers are leaders who share their experience and knowledge to equip business leaders with the information you need to advance the business of healthcare.

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Next up we have a list of healthcare events that are happening in April of next year.

Innovation for Health event
Credit to Hyphen Projects

Innovation for Health

When: 6th April
Where: WTC Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tickets: Prices starting at 149 Euros

At Innovation for Health 2023, you get to share insights, catch up on the latest trends, establish new or build upon valuable connections and collaborations, and much more.

For this programme, there are quality speakers on stage, high-impact innovations, best practices discussions, and inspiring demonstrations for developments in healthcare. Inspiring, interacting, and networking are at the heart of the conference.

Moreover, the conference brings over 900 innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and other key players from Health & Life Sciences together to shape the future of healthcare together.

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GYNEC 2023 event
Credit to Magnus Conferences

Gynec 2023

When: 20-22nd April 2023
Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Orlando Florida
Tickets: $539 for virtual attendees and $839 for in-person attendees

The conference strives to provide a meaningful theme of “Enriching Women’s Health through Innovations in Gynaecology” and is available to attend either in-person or online.

GYNEC 2023 will be the world’s largest and most comprehensive congress on women’s health, focusing on clinical best practices, research, innovation, advancements and trends in gynaecology.

The agenda of the summit is to empower and expose our attendees to maximum information from researchers, scientists, academicians, gynaecologists, healthcare practitioners, obstetricians, physicians, medical assistants, midwives, nursing assistants, nurses, nutritionists, therapists, women health care professionals, and students

There will be discussion of topics such as, infertility, ectopic pregnancies, breast cancer and other women’s cancers, neonatal health, abortion.

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person wearing blue gloves looking at images of dentistry

American Dental 2023

When: 27-29th April
Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Orlando Florida
Tickets: $539 for virtual attendees and $839 for in-person attendees

The global summit is around the timely theme of “Blending Today’s Lifestyle with Dental Trends for Vibrant Smiles.” Researchers, scientists, academicians, healthcare professionals, dentists, young scholars, industrialists, developers, and students are all welcome to contribute.

The purpose of this conference is to present cutting-edge research, recent achievements, and global trends in dentistry and oral health, as well as to foster relationships between businesses that will help the field grow.

The event will feature important presentations by a diverse group of speakers, policymakers, and scientific leaders from around the world.

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Below are some of the healthcare events coming up in the month of May.

LSX world congress event
Credit to LSX Leaders

LSX World Congress

When: 3-4th May 2023
Where: Business Design Centre, London
Tickets: Prices starting from £295

The 9th LSX World Congress gathers the founders and CEOs of innovative start-ups through to healthcare giants.

It represents the breadth and depth of cutting-edge research and technology driving the advances in the industry right now and in the near future.

It is an industry-leading gathering with qualified 1:1 partnering at its core. Its purpose is to connect biotech, healthtech and medtech industries c-suite’s with the sector’s most active pharma, investors and health technology BD&L teams, R&D leaders, KOLs and top tier service companies who are driving the sector forward.

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man on stage speaking at an event

Digital Health 2023

When: 16-17th May 2023
Where: San Diego, California
Tickets: Press and Patient advocates go Free and Vendors and Executive passes start at $2,699 and $2,199

Digital Health’s collective mission is to collaborate to refine and consolidate the key digital processes that can make this vision a reality and improve the lives of citizens across the nation.

At this event you can get answers to your biggest digital health challenges, be seen as a digital health leader, form lasting business connections, and attend speakers from top experts in the field.

300+ digital health leaders, from health systems, pharma, healthcare and health tech brands, join forces at Reuters Events Digital Health to share the truly groundbreaking practices and systems.

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As we move onto summer there are plenty of healthcare events set to go ahead in the month of June, we have detailed some of these below!

woman reading book

AIMed Global Summit 2023

When: 5-7th June
Where: San Diego
Tickets: General pass from $1,621

This summit exists as AIMed are passionate about human to human connection and believe in changing healthcare one connection at a time.

AIMed’s Global Summit 2023 works together towards the bigger goal of improving patient outcomes and running healthcare systems more efficiently.

With a keynote stage bringing together the superstars of strategic and thought leadership for smart healthcare, content will be split across six dedicated tracks:

  • Strategies for healthcare leaders
  • Population health and social determinants of health
  • From data to delivery
  • Application in clinical domains
  • Tools and deployment
  • Ethics and regulation

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audience at a conference

National Centre for Remote and Rural Medicine Conference 2023

When: 7-8th June
Where: North lakes Hotel, Penrith, Cumbria
Tickets: £120 or early bird rate £120

This conference allows you to hear from the most inspirational practitioners in the healthcare industry, in areas of both digital and rural medicine.

With confirmed speakers such as Lucy Coulter, Dr James Hickman, and Simon Yates, you will be inspired to work in a rural setting, and be able to share knowledge and best practices with others in remote medicine.

More speakers are yet to be announced, and the content of each session is available upon registration to the event.

WONCA event
Credit to WONCA Europe

WONCA Europe 2023

When: 7-10th June 2023
Where: SQUARE Convention Centre, Brussels
Tickets: Prices start at 750 Euros for regular participants

The Scientific Committee is preparing an exciting programme based on original abstracts and contributions from leading international scientific networks and special interest groups.

Topics within the scientific programme include but are not limited to, sustainable healthcare, advanced care planning, diagnosis, and goal oriented care.

The theme of the conference is based on “Making choices in primary care” and gives professionals a chance to meet, discuss and implement positive change in the healthcare sector.

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conference around long table

BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition

When: 9-11th June 2023
Where: Manchester Central Convention Complex
Tickets: Not yet available for this event

This highly regarded three-day event attracts more than 900 UK and international contact lens professionals each year.

At this event you can discover the latest trends and challenges, hear the most effective business solutions and take home the key clinical and professional building blocks for a more successful future in contact lens practice.

This conference enables you to network and create connections, learn about the latest technical developments, and exchange knowledge with peers and leading contact lens experts.

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Now onto September and another list of healthcare events that you should be attending.

woman with hand up at conference

Thirteenth International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society – Special Focus: Digitising Health and Wellbeing

When: 14-15th September
Where: UBC Robson Square, Vancouver Canada
Tickets: Blended audience pass $195

The conference and those who attend are brought together by a common concern in the fields of human health and wellness, and in particular their social interconnections and implications.

The conference is based upon 4 central themes:

  • Health, promotion and education
  • Public health policies and practices
  • Interdisciplinary health sciences
  • The Physiology, Kinesiology, and psychology of wellness its social context

There will be plenary and keynote speakers and presentations to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the building of a greater community.

To find out more simply click here

people writing down notes at event

15th Annual Conference on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

When: 21-22nd September
Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tickets: Prices starting at $359

This annual conference hosts productive interactions and an opportunity to present work and develop regional collaborations in the field of Stem Cell.

There are 12 track sessions within this conference, including topics such as Stem Cell research, ethical issues and challenges, advances in Stem Cells, Gene and cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

It’s a great privilege for young researchers to learn about the research areas for expanding their research knowledge, and this conference provides a platform for collaboration and better overall development.

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Automa event
Credit to Automa Health

Healthcare Automation and Digitization Congress 2023

When: 25-26th September
Where: Zurich, Switzerland
Tickets: Not applicable for this event

Healthcare Automation and Digitalisation Congress is an annual B2B networking event for more than 250 professionals from the whole value chain of the healthcare industry .

This congress will focus on industry-led content including: digitalisation and automation trends and research, challenging topics, and new technologies.

This program is booked for the digital experts from hospitals & healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, governmental bodies together with medical device manufacturers, service companies, and start-ups to share exclusive case studies, new research, and insights.

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The Complete List of Healthcare Events

That is our round-up of the best healthcare events coming up in 2023 for those working within the healthcare industry.

Whether you are an expert or professional, or a student or small business just starting out, these events are sure to help widen your knowledge and understanding of some of the latest trends and innovations in the healthcare sector.

We have listed events that specialise in providing more in-depth seminars and presentations on topics such as women’s health, stem cell research, digital health, and radiology.

In addition to this we have included wider events that span across multiple days, giving attendees a chance to network, meet with suppliers, and attend keynote speaker presentations on various healthcare topics.

Here at Canny we work with business and professionals within the healthcare sector to help transform their branding and allow them to grow their following and presence in the industry.

For example, we have worked with Health Matters and created something that appealed to both their corporate audience, as well as highlighting the people-focused side to the brand.

If you work in healthcare whether that be in health insurance, patient care, or B2B medical equipment, and feel we could help boost your branding to success, get in touch with our team!

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