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If you’re looking to broaden your skills, keep on top of trends, gain fresh perspectives, or just communicate with other like-minded people, then you’re missing a trick if you aren’t a member of the marketing communities mentioned in this post.

You’re almost spoilt for choice given how many marketing communities there are out there, which can make finding the right one’s for you somewhat difficult – especially if you’re new to the ever-expanding world of online communities.

Where do you even begin? You might ask yourself.

You’ve technically already completed step one if you’re reading this, as blogs are an excellent starting point.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best marketing communities and have put together the list of all lists; one list to rule them all.

We understand that some of you might already be aware of the communities mentioned. That said, we can guarantee you’ll learn of at least one new marketing community today.

You can hold us to that!

Now, let’s not waste anymore time and jump straight in with a community starting point for many, that being:

The subreddit r/marketing.
red reddit logo
Credit to Reddit


Number of Members: 420,000
Community Type: Subreddit
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: This community has been around for 14 years and is still going strong. In fact, the community seems to grow by around 1,500 followers every few days.
Join Because: It’s one of the most accessible marketing communities out there, and is full to the brim of untapped knowledge as long as you’re willing to give it time.

Unlike a lot of marketing communities, the only thing you need to be a member at r/marketing is a Reddit account, which should only take you a few minutes to set up and validate through the confirmation email they send you.

This subreddit might be free, but the amount of knowledge you pick up is practically priceless. You see, r/marketing is a melting pop of business owners, agency people, and aspiring or seasoned marketers; individuals who live and breathe this stuff.

If you ever feel like your understanding of marketing is slipping/in need of a refresh – or you simply want to ask a question to the community at large – then r/marketing is the place to be.

Again, the barrier to entry is so low here that you get all kinds of individuals engaging in the conversation.

Do keep in mind that r/marketing is but one of many marketing-oriented Subreddits, there are others, such as r/DigitalMarketing and r/content_marketing.

We’re highlighting r/marketing in particular because of its size and just how active its members are. But by all means, check out those other places to see which is the better fit for you and your own preferences.
blue demand curve logo
Credit to Demand Curve

Demand Curve

Number of Members: Over 3,000
Community Type: Slack Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: Other members of this community represent such brands as Wix, Upwork, HubSpot, Shopify, Segment, Intercom, SeatGeek, and others.
Join Because: It’s arguably the easiest marketing community to interact with thanks to the simplicity of Slack’s platform. Having it on your mobile also helps tremendously, allowing you to ask questions and engage with others on-the-go.

For those not in the know, Demand Curve is a Y Combinator-backed company, one that supports startups through things such as its playbooks, programs, and newsletters.

Another thing it’s known for is its private Slack group that is made up of various marketers, each representing a different level or industry. Here marketers can ask questions, share knowledge, and network with some of the biggest names in marketing.

In the group you’ll find around 17 channels that dive into a wide variety of topics – topics that include things such as B2B, product marketing, and analytics, to name but a few.

This is another free marketing community for you to join. However, you will need to apply to be accepted within the group. To apply, simply head over to the website and enter the following details:

  • Name
  • Work Email
  • LinkedIn Profile

From there, someone will review your profile and either let you in or tell you to try somewhere else. Not to worry, though. As long as you’re in the world of marketing, you should have no trouble gaining access.
black swipe files logo
Credit to Swipe Files

Swipe Files

Number of Members: Around 500
Community Type: Community Platform
Cost: $500 (Annually)
Interesting Fact: Swipe Files was founded by Corey Haines, a known marketer/podcaster who did incredible things at Baremetrics, an analytics and insights brand.
Join Because: Everyone in this community is extremely helpful and primarily discusses SaaS or B2B marketing-related topics, which is more than ideal for certain marketers out there.

Swipe Files is an interesting marketing community to talk about, mostly because the brand frames itself as ‘Premier Marketing Training For SaaS,’ which I suppose is the truth, but what creator Corey Haines has done is nothing short of phenomenal when you consider the community he’s built/building.

In other words, Swipe Files is more than a training and monitoring tool, it’s like a family; and yes, I know it’s cliche to say, but I don’t care.

There are around 500 members of this community, each with their own story to tell and goals they’re pushing towards (take a look at the testimonials on the site for more information on that).

Speaking of the Swipe Files site, here’s a message swiped directly from the homepage to give you a better understanding of the community:

“Code is the easy part. Marketing is the hard part.

As Twitch founder Justin Kan once said:

“First-time founders focus on product. Second-time founders focus on distribution.”

Let’s face it: The days of “build it and they will come” are long gone. But of course, you know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”
women in tech pink logo
Credit to Women in Tech SEO

Women in Tech SEO (WTS)

Number of Members: Around 3,000 (FB) Around 1,700 (Slack)
Community Type: Female-Focused Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: Other than giving women in marketing a space to network, Women In Tech also has a slew of resources to check out, covering everything from blogs to podcasts.
Join Because: There are plenty of women marketing channels out there, just none that are as extensive as this; extensive as in there’s more than just the chance to network here, there’s tips and tricks – alongside a range of helpful resources.

This next marketing community goes out to all of you female SEO-minded marketers reading this.

Women in Tech SEO was founded back in 2019 by one Areej AbuAli, who quickly discovered a gap in the market back when there weren’t that many female-centric communities floating around.

Fast-forward to today, and the community is still going just as strong (if not stronger), with thousands of members across Facebook and Slack respectively. The Facebook community is a great way to engage with others, but it’s the Slack channel that’s the main highlight.

On the channel you’ll find around 24 different areas, each dedicated to a different topic – similar to the Demand Curve entry mentioned above. Everyone is active across both channels, with around 5 posts going out daily.

Once again, to get the most out of this marketing community – or any marketing community that uses Slack – download the app on your phone and never miss a thing.
DGMG marketing group advert
Credit to Dave Gerhadt

Dave Gerhardt Marketing Group (DGMG)

Number of Members: Around 3,000
Community Type: B2B Facebook Group
Cost: $10 Each Month
Interesting Fact: This marketing community is named after Dave Gerhardt, a micro-influencer known for his work with Drift. His work has influenced many over the years, encouraging him to start his very own marketing community.
Join Because: The DGMG community is very helpful, and you’ll occasionally hear from the man himself. Another great thing about this marketing community are the live masterclasses that members have the opportunity to participate in.

Dave Gerhadt is a name that should ring a bell to marketers, and web designers if we’re being completely honest. You see, this community features discussions around a series of unique topics, such as:

  • Social Media
  • Design (UI/UX)
  • Branding
  • Marketing Books
  • Software
  • And so much more

Like some of the other marketing communities mentioned, the members of the DGMG come from all walks of marketing life, many of whom represent brands such as Slack, HubSpot, TikTok and others.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the various messages left by some of the DGMG members to give you some additional insight into what you can expect should you decide to join:

“As a one-woman marketing team, the best part of my week is catching up on tons of valuable @joindgmg content. From DG’s podcast to the awesome + inclusive FB Community, I defo recommend it to all #marketers #worthit”

“My best investment in 2020. Tons of professional advice – copy, design, management, strategy, tools, etc. The network of helpful B2B marketers from the world’s top companies. @davegerhardt insights. And it costs a silly 10$/month.”

“I’ve been in @davegerhardt’s marketing group (DGMG) for a few months now and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made in my marketing education. I have a bachelors in marketing.”
superpath marketing community on purple background
Credit to Superpath


Number of Members: Around 3,000
Community Type: Slack Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: Jimmy Daly, the founder of this marketing community, regularly asks for input from other community members, with emphasis on providing real-world examples to help relay the correct information.
Join Because: This is a community of marketers that only wants to bring the best out of its members. Everyone that is invited in are there to hone their abilities and network, thus raising their game in the process. Plus, everyone is relatively friendly.

Yet another Slack community for you marketers to keep a close eye on, this one famous for its extensive networking opportunities and reputation. Members from popular tech companies such as Shopify, Udemy, Intercom and HubSpot all occupy the boards of this community.

The main reason we’ve included this particular marketing community within our list is because it focuses on content marketing above all else; content marketing being one of our main areas of expertise.

The community has around 20 different channels, all welcoming and full of handy information. We’d recommend getting acquainted with the house rules before you begin posting, as Superpath doesn’t like it when you stray too far from the community guidelines.

For example, promotion is a total no, no.

This community is for people who want to hone their skills and better themselves, surrounded by other like-minded individuals.

Also, if you want to DM someone in particular, then you first need to ask for permission from them in the public channel. There are other rules, but those are two of the most important ones to be aware of.
marketing solved Facebook group advert
Credit to Marketing Solved

Marketing Solved

Number of Members: 27,000
Community Type: Facebook Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: Founder Kat Sullivan constantly puts her two cents into the community with hot tips. A previous tip looked at how to tailor content for Pinterest in light of ‘Holiday Marketing.’
Join Because: This is one of the marketing communities where you don’t feel obligated to interact if you don’t need to. There’s enough conversation going on around you that you can be a spectator and still gain valuable insight.

If social media marketing is your main area of focus, then you need to join Marketing Solved. This community is here to help you expand your network, grow your social media presence, and learn from some of the brightest minds in SMM.

The experiences shared here are instrumental, not only in guiding young and aspiring marketers, but by teaching them what to avoid. Knowing what to avoid can save a lot of time and money, which in today’s marketing landscape is an absolute must.

There are themed days that help break each day of the week up a bit. For example, Instagram Mondays take place at the start of the week, giving members the chance to pitch their own ideas to others and gather feedback.

Do keep in mind that this is a private group, meaning you will need to request access before you can start posting, browsing, and scrolling.

So what are you waiting for? If Marketing Solved sounds like the sort of marketing community you want to be a part of, then why not get your application in today!
dumb seo questions Facebook ads
Credit to Facebook

Dumb SEO Questions

Number of Members: 17,000 (FB)
Community Type: Facebook Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: The group regularly posts content to YouTube, where members are encouraged to consume content that features SEO experts answering questions given to them by community members.
Join Because: It can be tough joining a new group, especially when that group discusses a topic like SEO. Dumb SEO Questions takes the big-headedness out of this type of topic, cutting straight to the point without judgement.

And the winner of the best named marketing community goes to…

Dumb SEO Questions, a marketing group for dummies that helps squash the feeling of embarrassment most might have when asking questions relating to the ever-complicated world of SEO.

The group is open, allowing anyone and everyone to check out up to seven posts a day – with discussions covering everything from technical SEO, Google Analytics, and who could forget Google Search Console.

The name alone will be what attracts new members to this group, but it’s the helpful content and straightforward style that will get them to stick around. It goes without saying that this is the perfect group for beginners – or anyone in need of a quick refresher.

Have a look for yourself, and see if this is the right marketing network for you!
facebook logo on black background
Credit to Facebook

Facebook Ad Hacks

Number of Members: 149,000 (FB)
Community Type: Facebook Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: Memes play a big role in this marketing community group, which help streamline a lot of the information and are pretty damn funny if you understand exactly what they refer to.
Join Because: Facebook Ad Hacks are almost always ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in Facebook ads. This group is perfect for fans of really long and insightful posts.

For Facebook marketers and agency owners you have Facebook Ad Hacks, a community that has grown leaps and bounds since first arriving on the scene.

As you can see from the information we’re pulled above, the page now boasts an impressive 149,000 members; that’s more than the majority of the other communities included in this post. More members tends to equal more posts, and you’d be right in thinking that.

Every day there are around 10 posts appearing on the Facebook Ad Hacks timeline; one after the other, nothing but insightful content.

We will say this:

Prepare yourself.

This isn’t the same marketing community as Dumb SEO Questions in that the information can get incredibly technical at times. We’d recommend only subscribing to this community if you’re at that mid-level, or consider yourself an experienced marketer generally.

Otherwise, a lot of this stuff is just going to go straight over your head.
online geniuses marketing community
Credit to Online Geniuses

Online Geniuses

Number of Members: 35,000+
Community Type: B2B/Digital Marketing Slack Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: This group has been going since the early days of Skype – well before the likes of Zoom took over. The group eventually got too big and they had to look for another platform to take its place.
Join Because: You;ll find just about everything you need here in order to effectively do your job as a marketer. This applies to marketers of various unique disciplines; from PPC through to email marketing.

If you were to have joined Online Geniuses during the early years, then you’ll know first hand just how far they’ve come as a bustling marketing community.

From Skype Calls to a group of over 35,000 members strong. Within this community you’ll find a mixed bag of individuals, from SEO experts, to marketers, to IT professionals; all of them manually vetted by members of the Online Geniuses team.

They claim to be “the largest Slack community for marketers” and who could deny them this title when you consider just how many messages have been sent back and forth between members, and how many opportunities have been created as a result.

The website they have isn’t too bad either, at least from a design perspective.

We’re a creative agency that specialises in web design as one of our core services; go figure.

Here’s a quick rundown of some very eye-opening community stats:

  • There have been over 3.3 million messages sent
  • They have run over 50 local events
  • They have an email subscriber list of over 38,000
  • And they have run over 100+ Q&A sessions

Slack logo on purple background
Credit to slack


Number of Members: 6,000+
Community Type: Marketing Slack Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: Buffer is such a big community that it actually has its own line of merchandise; that’s how you know they’re legit.
Join Because: It’s a marketing community that cares about the wellbeing and progression of its community members. They also run regular events and social campaigns which are inspiring on their own.

Speaking of marketing communities with excellent websites, have you heard of Buffer? This Slack community has always had a strong presence in the marketing-help space, only its Slack community is geared more towards connections compared to tips and tricks.

The community is a regular who’s who of marketers, with every professional representing a different lane. You have your content marketers, your video marketers, your PPC marketers, and every other kind of marketer you can think of.

Easily the best thing about this networking community is the #weekly-goals channel, where members can outline exactly what they hope to achieve in a week. There’s also a channel just for sharing funny images/gifs if you want a break to mess around for a bit.
mp social marketing community
Credit to MP Social

MP Social

Number of Members: 6,000+
Community Type: Marketing Slack Community
Cost: Free
Interesting Fact: The page is broken down into multiple sections, each dedicated to a specific social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Join Because: It’s the ideal website and community for entry-level marketers and marketers looking to level up to a middleweight position. It’s also a great place to ask simple questions and get simple answers.

It might not have the most up-to-date website in the world, but there’s no denying that MP Social is worthy of your attention – more-so if you’re a marketer looking to improve your SMM skills.

The page is your classic website forum, one that receives a lot of attention from marketers around the world. You can tell that it’s revered given the number of users and posts that still populate the site.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here’s a quick rundown of some of the latest posts from the various sections of the site:

  • How to get Pages Likes for $0.005
  • Growing an agency page on Instagram
  • Improve Twitter DMs to gain leads

If any of those sound at all interesting to you, then you should definitely give MP Social a look. Do keep in mind that a lot of the marketers on this site are only just starting out, meaning a lot of the questions are entry-level.
purple traffic think tank logo
Credit to Traffic Think Tank

Traffic Think Tank

Number of Members: Unknown
Community Type: Private Slack Community
Cost: $119 or $99
Interesting Fact: Traffic Think Tank is a business accelerator that goes beyond that of similar brands. Moreover, accelerators like this have a very high success rate, mostly thanks to the marketing comradery that runs deep through these types of communities.
Join Because: It’s a business accelerator that helps you strengthen your overall skills while you network with other marketers at the same level as you. It’s networking where you’re learning on-the-fly; what’s not to love?

The final marketing community we want to direct your attention to is Traffic Think Tank, a brand known for its work with startups across the States.

As we’ve touched on above, this particular brand is an accelerator – one with quite a stellar reputation. They provide you with “everything you need to grow your SEO skills.” They also give you access to one of the best marketing communities around!

Please note:

To gain access to the marketing community side of the accelerator, you will need to sign up to the premium option (which will set you back $119 a month).

The $99 version is exactly the same as far as perks and benefits go, but that premium version is how you gain access to the exclusive Slack community.

Try not to let that put a damper on things. Everything you receive from them when you sign up is more than worth the cost (and no, we haven’t been paid by Traffic Think Tank to tell you that). There are private webinars, training sessions, plenty of video content, and so much more for you to engage with.

The Ultimate List of Marketing Communities to Grow Your Network

Say what you want about the internet, but it’s been a goldmine for connecting with fellow marketers on a worldwide scale.

Do keep in mind that this ultimate list of marketing communities is subject to change as and when new marketing communities present themselves. In other words, it pays to keep coming back to this post as you may end up discovering another new marketing community!

That said, once you’ve settled into these communities, word-of-mouth should spread, thus highlighting new spaces and places for you to grow your network. It happens all the time, which is one of the best things about marketing communities in that they’re everyone is always looking to help each other out.

This is but one of the main benefits of joining a marketing network; the others are pretty self-explanatory if you’ve been following along.

Did we leave any marketing communities off the list?

If we have, don’t hesitate to let us know via social media. We’re on all the main platforms, with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram being where you’ll catch us the most often.

Also, if you’ve yet to follow us, what are you waiting for? We’re a creative marketing agency that works in multiple different industries, be it healthcare, recruitment/training, FMCG, and tech. We’re everywhere, and are well worth following.