AALTO Mortgages.

AALTO Mortgages came to Canny when they were in the process of setting up their new mortgage consultancy business.

Through a face to face Brand Discovery Session, we identified their key differentiators, which were then used to position the brand and create their new brand identity and website.


London, UK

Project Type

Branding, Web Design

" I would not hesitate to recommend Canny Creative to anyone looking for graphic design work or web design. My brand identity and website design puts me head and shoulders ahead of my competition. "

Stuart Phillips
Founder, Director

Marketplace Differentiation

The problem that AALTO Mortgages were facing, was a market flooded with dull looking brands and blue identities that lack imagination.

Having recently went through the house buying process himself, the founder of AALTO wanted to change the perception that all mortgage advisers are boring.

A Sprinkle of Imagination

To stand out in a sea of boring identities, we decided to create a colour palette and identity for AALTO that would stand out in even more adventurous markets.

The identity uses bright, unique, and almost playful colours to ensure that AALTO stand out from the competition.

Updating the Industry

With a younger generation of home buyers that have grown up with technology at their fingertips coming through, it's important that AALTO's website was completely mobile accessible.

The mobile first site was created with a heavy content focus. The idea with the site was to help educate people on the mortgage buying process, with a leaning towards helping first time buyers navigate the rocky waters of home ownership.

Tapping Into Traditions

For all the focus with the AALTO brand was to help bring first time buyers and home owners through the process, some traditions never grow old.

In the world of mortgages, real papers still need exchanged. Therefore, it was important that the brand worked across a range of traditional stationery items.

Driven by Devices

When AALTO launched back in 2014, the mobile revolution was starting to take shape, especially with the younger generation. As more devices were coming to market, it became increasingly important the website would adapt to the viewers device.

As standard at Canny, we develop our websites with a mobile first approach and run through vigorous device testing. The AALTO Mortgages website was built on a responsive framework that still serves the business to this day.

AALTO's brand identity and flexible website allowed them to modernise the mortgage buying process for a new generation of home owners.
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