Access Planit

Relaunching a new brand in the training software space.

access planit were already an industry leader but needed a serious rebrand to reinvigorate the business. Using dark colours to represent space and planetary illustrations, we created a powerful brand that puts them firmly at the front.

accessplanit provide training management software to help businesses achieve the best results. From course and resource management to customer relationship management, they are an all-in-one solution.

They were already an industry leader, but had a brand that was inconsistent and dated.

Our challenge was to revitalise this dated brand and bring it back to the modern world by giving it a full refresh.

We wanted it to look out of this world (literally!)

We created a tone of voice that utilised space exploration as a theme and built language around that concept. As industry leaders, we ensured the language was poineering and positioned accessplanit as leaders in their sector.

The colours used links back to the brand visual as we used a dark, space-like colour to build on and brought plantetary illustrations into the brand.

‘Alignment’ was another key aspect of this rebrand, which is reflected through their logo. All of the dots lining up represents their clients, with accesplanit being at the centre.


Lancashire, UK




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