Crafting an identity with a few simple ingredients.

The Problem

This project required the creation of a fresh and authentic identity to match the new Arcadia brand. Serving Mediterranean and Italian dishes, and delivering high-end dining experiences in the museum and art gallery district of Laussane, Switzerland, Arcadia needed a robust identity to put the restaurant on the map. They also needed a website to accommodate the ever-changing menu and user-friendly booking form.

The Solution

We built a strong set of brand guidelines for Arcadia to grow their brand-new company, focused on capturing the culture of the district and the artisanal cuisine they offer. Working with Arcadia, we developed an identity from the ground up to be used across all brand touchpoints including their website and social media channels.

Services Provided
Arcadia Featured Image

Showing experience and know-how

Arcadia create fresh high-quality food daily, so they needed an identity to help promote this offering.

It was important to show the professional side of the brand and this was reflected in the refined photography of genuine Mediterranean cuisine.

We collaborated with a photographer to ensure style guidelines were met, and that the imagery used matched up with the culture of the area as well as the people who work at Arcadia.

These images were chosen to align with the brand identity we created, to focus on the high-end aspect of the location and dishes on offer.

Arcadia - Pasta on a Plate
Arcadia - Chef in Kitchen
Arcaida - Logo on Food Background

An artisan identity

As Arcadia offers fine dining experiences, they needed an identity to reflect and promote this to their customers.

Generally, Italian and Mediterranean restaurants follow the classic tropes of serving pizza and pasta and adopting red, white and green as their brand colour palette. Arcadia were aiming to disrupt this, so we used unconventional colours and a unique logo to attract the right customers.

As the restaurant is based in the heart of the museum and art gallery district of Lausanne the brand needed to appeal to the museum and art lovers who appreciate both Swiss culture and fine food.

To do this we designed a logo that has 7 arches within the wordmark which reflects the 7 arches of the railway where the restaurant is situated, tying together the culture and the location.

Arcadia - Brand Guidelines
Arcadia - Colour Palette
Arcadia - Fonts
Arcadia - Social Stories
Arcadia - Menu
Arcadia - Moving GIF Icon
Arcadia - Illustrations
Arcadia - Customer with Menu
Arcadia - Advertisment

Starting from scratch

The dishes created at the restaurant are authentic and the atmosphere is welcoming and vibrant, so this needed to be fed into the new identity for Arcadia.

It was important to emphasise that the brand creates dishes with the freshest ingredients on a daily basis with love and care.

To communicate this we created a brand that was handcrafted from start to finish based on core colours of bright yellow and orange to reflect the Mediterranean sunshine.

This brand colour palette created the perfect backdrop for hand-drawn rustic-style illustrations that created a pattern that could be used across all touchpoints.

These illustrations of ingredients were handcrafted by us to provide a link between the artisanal culture of the museum district and the quality of the dishes delivered at Arcadia.

Arcadia - Website on Desktop

A foundation to grow

The service and restaurant industry is constantly evolving so it was important that Arcadia launched with room to grow and progress.

We utilised the brand colours and hand-drawn illustrations across the new Arcadia website, creating an easy-to-use platform in both French and English to accommodate customers.

The website we created was a simple booking form webpage with a downloadable menu, which incorporated the same rustic illustration design to match the choice of indulgent dishes.

Our website and menu design, along with branded Instagram templates, provided the right assets for Arcadia, whilst leaving room to shape the art of dining as the brand continues to grow.


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