Bespoke Garden Living.

When Bespoke Garden Living came to Canny, the business was a series of scribbled notes and ideas from the owner.

After a Brand Discovery Session, we built a brand identity system and website that helps to put Bespoke Garden Living's products in front of their customers.


Newcastle, UK

Project Type

Branding, Web Design

Transparency and Honesty

From Day 1, it was clear that Bespoke Garden Living live and breathe transparency and honesty. For all they deliver high-end, hand built wooden structures, they're very black and white.

Because of that, it was decided in one of the very first meetings that the branding for the project would likely be monochrome. This adds a high end feel for what could've been a potentially rugged looking brand, but also reinforces the company's transparent nature.

A Series of Structures

With simplicity at it's core, the unmistakable shed design was chosen to represent the brand in printed materials.

However, to recognise the fact that every one of Bespoke Garden Living's projects is different, we created an array of shed-like icons that could be used as a pattern, or online and in digital media.

A Unique Fold

One of the challenges when creating letterheads for the project, was the way in which the owner folds his paper. After several demos and botched attempts, we had a breakthrough.

On the back of the letterheads, the logo is printed upside down. When it's folded, everything appears the right way up. This only works in an owner operated business, but it certainly adds a layer of personalisation to the brand.

Creating a Simple Order Form

With each of Bespoke Garden Living's projects being completely unique, the order process was already looking like a daunting task, even during the early stages of the project.

We sat down with the owner of the company on several occasions to review his hand drawn order form. We asked questions, made cuts, and tweaked the process where possible, to make the order form as simple as possible.

Planning the Website

With no existing web presence or shop window, it was critical that we nailed the design so visitors would be interested enough in the products to find out more.

Through a series of sketches and initial wireframes, we were able to create a customer journey that not only informs, but inspires the website visitor to make contact with Bespoke Garden Living.

Sheds Glorious Sheds

Hand-made wooden shed-like structures is fairly niche market to break into. There's only going to be so many people out there willing to buy a custom built shed, than an off the shelf job from a hardware superstore.

What we needed to do with the website was prove that sheds can be sexy. They're not just an off the rack purchase. They should be built with love and care, to meet your exact specifications. And when they're finished, they should look outstanding.

Step Into My Shed

It's easy to say "we're transparent and honest," but it's difficult to do that and get people to believe you. One of the challenges anyone in a trade faces, is that the trade industry as a whole has a negative reputation.

To build trust with potential customers and website visitors, we decided to feature as many wood samples, real world sheds in-situ type photos, and shots of the actual Bespoke Garden Living workshop as possible.

Bespoke Garden Living hope to inspire people to enjoy their outdoor space, and with their branding and website, they've now got the tools to do just that.
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