Centre Stage.

Photographer & Videographer

Centre Stage came to us for help redesigning their website and upgrading their online offering and portfolio.

We worked with them to define their target customers and areas of photography they want to work in. We then designed a website that prioritises their offering and targets relevant customers.


Newcastle, UK

Project Type

Web Design

" Since inception through to completion Tony and his team have been awesome. They are such an easy bunch to get along with and their technical skill-set is amazing. Every promise and deadline was met and I cannot thank them enough for creating such a beautiful website. I look forward to working with them again in the future. Highly recommended!"

Paul Martin

Strikingly Simple Design

When designing the Centre Stage website, we wanted to put all focus onto the quality of the photography work.

Therefore we opted for a stripped back, black and white website design that supports the rich quality of their work.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

With any website design project in this day and age, it's important the design works well across a range of devices.

The Centre Stage website was designed with easy mobile navigation in mind, giving visitors easy routes into relevant sections of photography.

The Photography Portfolio Builder

With each shoot Centre Stage take part in, comes a wide range of imagery. If they're shooting dance photography , there'll be a mix of portrait, landscape, and square imagery. Corporate shoots will result in a different array of photos.

As such, we wanted to give Centre Stage an easy way to showcase their work, no matter the restrictions of the shoot. We created an intelligent drag and drop portfolio builder that allows them to drop in a range of image sizes and layouts.

As Centre Stage continue to expand their client base, we continue to offer ongoing support and management of their ever growing portfolio.
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