Creating a complete identity in the world of consultancy.

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Complete Strategy’s new identity enabled them to introduce their new brand to the corporate world with confidence, putting them in positions that they weren’t in prior in more ways than one.

Coming from one of the largest consulting firms in the world, Complete Strategy had high brand expectations, and wanted to put the right foot forward in ways that would generate them more interest and more business as a result.

Complete Strategy tasked us with creating a unique identity, one that ticked multiple boxes in that it was attractive, conceptual, and unique within the space — all without alienating their corporate audience. Needless to say we came up with multiple ideas based on their wants/needs.

To create the identity, we leaned heavily on Complete Strategy’s story. They slot seamlessly into their client’s business, forming and alliance and becoming part of the team.

This was represented with the new logo: a C, with an interlocking piece that forms a full circle, while retaining an element of separation, representing the two sides working seamlessly together in unison. It’s a simple yet effective way of connecting Complete Strategy with their client base.

One of the best things about the colour red chosen is that it works perfectly on white or black backgrounds — it’s universal in that sense, thus completing the loop the brand had asked for.

In its final form, the updated logo can be found just about everywhere of note, from physical branding materials to Complete Strategy’s native website.

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