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Aiding a carehome group in areas that matter

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Dovehaven is a family run carehome group providing residential nursing and dementia care to those in need.

They asked us to bring a disjointed online presence back together, which we were more than happy to sort in order to bring the brand forward.

Dovehaven had many elements already in hand, but struggled to find consistency. The brand identity and website weren’t connecting well enough to resonate with the right people.

So we looked at ways to streamline as much as possible, the most important of which being the DH website.

The internal internet system we gave them helped tenfold when it came to the organising and uploading of content to the site.

Visuals-wise, we improved the look of the site with a fresh coat of colours. A mustard-like yellow mixed with a royal navy allowed for a professional yet inviting look.

The relationship between Canny and Dovehaven continues to this day.

Whenever they need branded assets or printing, we’re got them covered. It’s the least we can do for a brand as exceptional as Dovehaven.

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