Turning the screw with an industrial rebrand.

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DP Fasteners wanted to modernise their brand and website, and tasked us to update their customer facing presence to reflect the modernity of their business.

They needed a brand that truly reflected where they are as a business – very results focused, trusted, and customer service oriented. It needed to feel bespoke, like the procurement service they offer.

As always, the logo mark needed to easily transfer to branded merchandise like polo shirts, van wraps, business cards and so on – something they could be really proud of.

Their original website was very spartan, conveying the bare basics of their offering without making much use of the website as a branding tool, and with little thought given to user experience.

When we redesigned the website, we embraced a more intuitive user journey from the get go, softening the contrast on the home page and decluttering the visual aspects.

The update to the style allowed for a little bit of artistic freedom and so we replaced the old, dated stock imagery of products with illustrative images that were far more interesting.

Along with this visual update, we also redesigned the way in which DP Fasteners’ information was presented on the website, putting focus on the main selling point of partnering together, and highlighting their unique buying proposition.

Finally, we included clear call to actions strategically throughout the pages, giving potential buyers easy to use and obvious points within their journey to reach out if required.

All of this came together to make a great looking, highly functional, and customer oriented website that was a major improvement on the previous iteration and one that will serve DP Fasteners well for years to come.

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