Frieda's are a start-up frozen yogurt company, positioned as a healthy ice-cream alternative. With their quirky Citroen van, they set about touring food exhibitions in the South of England.

Frieda's worked with Canny to create a brand identity, packaging, website design, and online presence that was equally as quirky as their van, and struck a chord with young people, and families that attend food events.


London, UK

Project Type

Branding, Web Design

" Canny's brief was to come up with a strong and distinctive brand, set up the website, and social media. After initial discussions Canny came up with the concept and turned it into our final logo and branding. Canny's support has been invaluable and they will continue to play a key role in the development of Frieda's business."

Doug Sheffield

An All-Ages Identity

Frieda's were determined to stand out. They wanted us to create a distinctive, family friendly, and approachable identity that would get them noticed on a hot summer day.

We created a friendly looking cow with a spoon in his head. The shape of the cow's head is representative of a typical yogurt pot, and is designed to put a smile on faces.

Cost Effective Pots

Throughout the course of the project, the original yogurt pots became one of the hardest things to source. With minimum order quantities so high, and multiple complications, we worked on a design that simplified everything.

A simple paper cup with a two colour print was much easier and cheaper to source. So much so in fact, that Frieda's were able to expand out their range of pots, running with two colour schemes.

Attention Grabbing Packaging

The pots are designed with a blue background for large pots, and white for smaller pots. The alternative colour scheme was designed to enhance the visibility of the brand and is derived from the key colour scheme.

With such a unique logo design, we wanted to roll that through into the packaging, so when people were walking around food fayres, they would see the brand identity and become curious as to what it was all about.

Mixing Old and New

With an ageing Citroen van, and digital platforms rising in popularity, it was important that the identity worked across an entire range of deliverables.

We spent time planning the look of the "The Dairy Godmother" (the van) to make sure it didn't look like an afterthought. The colour of the van was change completely to match the Frieda's identity, and the placement of the elements were decided after a deep dive into the design.

Frieda's saw immediate success across the south of the UK. Their branding project and strong online presence allowed them to secure annual bookings across the UK.
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