Creating a unique frozen yoghurt brand.

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Friedas have become recognised across the South of England, and are constantly fielding new enquiries and bookings thanks to their playful approach to desserts.

Friedas operate a food truck (otherwise known as The Dairy Godmother) and tour summer fayres/markets across the South of England, serving up delicious frozen yoghurt, only they weren’t going to let the opportunity at effective branding melt away so easily.

They approached us to create a bold identity that would help them stand out at busy markets in amongst other like-minded brands/businesses. They were looking for an agency that would create something distinctive and a little quirky, whilst remaining family friendly.

We approached the project by looking for inspiration in the products Friedas sell. Yoghurt cups seemed like a natural area for exploration given what they sell.

This led us down a very interesting path, one that tried to walk the line very carefully. Still, this didn’t stop us from trying a few out of the box ideas in an attempt to appeal to the family-orientated nature of the project.

Jokingly we illustrated the spoon as if you were scooping out either delicious yoghurt, or cow brains. Half joking, we suggested it to the client who loved the idea, and the Friedas brand was born!

Once this was signed off, with it came range of deliverables, from yoghurt cups and merchandise, to a design for The Dairy Godmother herself. This project continues to remind us that even your craziest ideas might not be too crazy after all in the right situations.

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