Branding and Website Clarity for a Fundraising Brand

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Charities and non-profit organisations often struggle when it comes to branding, with most settling for something that lacks true representation of the brand itself.

Enter Giveclarity, a brand known for its helpful CRM platform and fundraising solutions. Everything they offer was fundamentally sound, but Giveclarity’s branding was letting them down.

We came in and connected the dots of a disconnected style, establishing consistency across the entire brand and its many touchpoints.

To begin, we looked to establish a visual style that over-emphasised community spirit, in line with Giveclarity’s very ground-level approach.

Together, we agreed that we needed to create something positive — something that evoked happiness in a very bright way, which is what led to us taking a very green direction, visually.

Illustrated characters/shapes worked a treat for this type of style, giving Giveclarity a personal touch that the previous look lacked.

Another great thing about the illustrations is they also highlighted the everyday people the brand helps by association through its hard work.

Once we had the brand identity sorted, it was time to talk about GC’s website.

The fact that the site was both informative and conversion-focused allowed us to establish a tight structure in the design.

Multiple CTA buttons, a ‘how we work’ section, and a strong list of benefits have only helped GC make more of a difference in the non-profit/charity sector.

All in all, we are beyond happy with how this project turned out — as are Giveclarity who now benefit from increased interest both domestic and overseas.

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