Zurich, Switzerland

Securing the identity of a Swiss investment firm.

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The creation of IAP’s brand identity has given them the platform they need to build a recognisable brand in the space, and make a huge step forward into growing their business online.

IAP offer investment and wealth management solutions to their partners, priding themselves on developing strong partnerships and going beyond the typical client-advisor relationship.

Until engaging with Canny, IAP had been conducting their business entirely offline. They earned clients through hard work and word-of-mouth referrals and had no existing brand identity. They wanted us to help change that.

This project was a lot more than establishing a brand identity to a brand without one, it was about giving IAP the footing to push beyond their current standing in their respective industry.

The new IAP brand identity and logo mark represents the coming together of both parties, forming one interlocking, secure, shape that reassures clients, and reaffirming IAP’s positioning of “secure investments.” It’s a link that can’t be broken.

Trust was the key element that we explored with IAP. Their clients want to feel like they’re putting their money in safe hands, and are working with someone who has their best interest in mind.

IAP would go on to find great success following our partnership, and continues to thrive in the present day. The links of this investment firm are as strong as ever.

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