Providing a Base for an Innovative Virtual Events Brand

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The power of virtual/hybrid events is seemingly untapped and has unlimited potential. This is what initially stood out during our initial meetings with iVent.

iVent is a global company, offering universal technology fit for a wide variety of events, from conferences, to product launches, to online learning/training. So it was important to us that the branding felt professional, but left enough room for interpretation — allowing visitors to picture themselves running events in a digital setting.

The design and dev teams on both sides connected from the get go, which made for a better level of understanding throughout the branding and development process. It’s one of the reasons why the partnership continues to this day — that and the continued rise of virtual spaces as a concept (it’s incredibly intriguing).

The logo we created sits perfectly within the tech and IT space. It can be found on the majority of iVent’s marketing and online material. This also applies to the updated colour palette. Mixing the light reds and light purples added so much personality to the brand.

From re-invigorating the brand, to producing the content on the blog, iVent trusted us to help them increase organic traffic through SEO. Events are evolving, as too is our relationship with iVent.

The future is bright for iVent, in more ways than one. We helped build them a base that is constantly being built on top of. To sum it up, the connection we made with iVent is as strong as it gets.

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