Lighting Up An Innovative Virtual Events Brand

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Everything moving in a digital direction made a project like this beyond exciting to work on.

You see, iVent is a global brand with over 12 years of experience in the ever-evolving world of virtual/hybrid events — events that can take many unique shapes/sizes.

It was our job to help brand this exceptional company, and help them with setting up an optimised website that would showcase iVent’s bespoke offering and more.

Design and dev teams from both sides connected from the get-go, which made for a seamless experience throughout the branding and web development process.

The logo we designed sits perfectly within the tech and IT space, not to mention, across all of iVent’s touchpoints — be it on print marketing materials, banners, or advertising.

In collaboration, we designed something professional yet interpersonal, sleek yet sophisticated, and unorthodox yet focused.

The same applies to the iVent website. Everything we designed for the site — from the illustrations to the CTA boxes — is there with purpose, to help the brand excel.

The updated branding and website together make quite the team and reflect not only the quality of our work but how strong of a connection we have with the iVent team.

Again, they were, and continue to be, a dream to work alongside.

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