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The Problem

JBA’s old brand identity did not represent their positioning as a premium training provider in the automotive industry. As they deliver tailored solutions to their clients, this project required a tailored approach that allowed JBA to communicate their bespoke offering. Their website also failed to provide a seamless or coherent user experience as it was disjointed and clunky, making it difficult for users to find the information they needed.

The Result

We modernised the brand by creating a new brand strategy, visual identity, refreshed colour palette, and updated brand collateral. By aligning the strategy and visual elements with JBA's offerings, we eliminated the previous disconnect and enabled users to fully understand the benefits of partnering with JBA. The new website was designed to cater specifically to their target audience, effectively addressing their pain points and highlighting how JBA can help.

Services Provided
JBA Branded Image of someone driving a car

Bringing the brand up to speed

JBA recognised that their previous branding was outdated, and whilst the world had moved on, they hadn’t. As a premium provider of bespoke automotive training solutions, they needed an identity that allowed them to speak to the right people with confidence.

As a company centred around improving and excelling client experiences, their own brand was under delivering.

To remove the disconnect between the visual elements of their brand and the solutions they offer, we aligned the two by creating a brand strategy that helps position them correctly, with a focus on their target market.

JBA Positioning Statement
JBA Stock Photography with branding
JBA branded dealership photography

Building blocks for success

To modernise the JBA brand identity, we utilised a bright and colourful palette that breaks the industry norm. This helped to build brand recognition and recall.

As JBA give automotive manufacturers and dealers the building blocks to deliver better training solutions, we incorporated this idea through the cube-like shape of the logo mark.

The outline wireframe cube, and supporting brand pattern, reflects how they create wireframe training plans, forming an alignment between the visual elements of the brand and their service offering.

JBA Brand Guidelines
JBA Logo
JBA Full logo on a light background
JBA Fonts
JBA Brand Colour Palette
JBA Branded BWM Photography

Streamlining the user experience

Increasing conversions was the primary goal of the website. To achieve this, we purposefully stripped the website back to deliver key and usable information that people can digest and understand with ease. This allows people to easily find the information they need increasing the likelihood of them getting in touch.

Addressing the pain points of JBA's customers was also a key consideration. We streamlined their website and built focus around a "what we do" page that highlights their core service offering and the benefits of partnering with them.

JBA Website Homepage Hero
JBA Website About Page
JBA Website Services

Speaking to the right people

By creating a web page dedicated to “who we help” it enables JBA to engage the right people. Instead of being generic (a concept JBA very much steer away from), we specifically highlighted who they work with as well as the specific benefits those people can enjoy by engaging JBA.

This helps establish a stronger connection with their intended audience, by drawing on their individual pain points and challenges. Again, this provides the perfect opportunity for JBA to position themselves as a bespoke training provider who works directly with companies to understand their goals.

JBA Website Mobile Page Designs

Presenting a bespoke training solution

Throughout the website copy, we emphasised JBA's role as a specialised provider of automotive training, offering customised training programs for their partners. We strategically crafted statements such as “creating unique brand experiences” and “empowering your team through innovative thinking” to highlight the collaborative nature of JBA's relationship with retailers.

By focusing on JBA's partnership approach and their ability to tailor solutions according to their clients' requirements, we set them apart from other training providers who adopt a more generic, surface-level approach. We also used language that was direct and straight-talking to elevate the fact that JBA are your partner, and they are committed to building honest and lasting relationships.

JBA Branded Social Media Assets
JBA Presentation Mockup
JBA Branded Lanyard on a blue background
JBA Business Cards

A continuing partnership

Our partnership with JBA continues to grow and evolve as we provide them with all of the assets they need to be successful in the automotive industry.

From tailored content to printed and digital branding materials, we continue to assist them in their mission to transform learning experiences through creative yet pragmatic training solutions that shift attitudes in the automotive training sector.

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