Connecting a consultancy matchmaker with their audience.

The branding and website for Khibraty enabled them to bring their MENA based digital matchmaking marketplace to life.


the challenge

Khibraty is a digital matchmaking marketplace that connects experts with expertise seekers, business directors to consultants and so on. Khibraty makes resourcing easy. Layered on top of that, is a community for business experts and professionals to share their insights and experiences.

Introducing a platform like this into the MENA region came with a number of challenges. First; clearing up the offering as not to complicate and confuse users. Next; which language is the brand and website to be presented in? Then; how does it all look and function?

our approach

Khibraty came to us with an existing concept for their brand which we helped them refine. The paperclip, shape, and colour all play a part in Khibraty’s story of attaching experts to seekers while also layering in additional meaning from the Arabic language.

At the start, we decided that the brand and website should be presented in both English and Arabic, meaning we more considerations than usual to make when developing the brand. Everything from colours, to fonts, and layout, had to work in both languages, and fit the style of the brand. It also had to be reflected perfectly for RTL readers.

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