Visualising Africa’s trendiest coffee frontier.

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A project that was brewed for success, Kono Coffee were looking to establish concepts that might one day be brought into the real world under the same banner.

Kono is an organically sourced coffee brand based in Sierra Leone with a vision of selling their coffee directly into the UK market. A vision that required the help of a keen eye with experience in branding, an agency known for helping startups get up and off the ground (us).

Looking to seek funding for their business, our challenge was to help the founders visualise the entire brand, starting with one product, but also demonstrating how the brand could roll out, growing into a range of destination based coffee shops.

As the visual language of hipster coffee brands has been explored countless times, we painted the brand up based on Kono’s origin in Sierra Leone.

Taking inspiration from the colourful streets of Freetown, we created a comprehensive and flexible identity that could be used and adapted across the business.

The palette and unique visuals help to offer up an attractive alternative in the saturated coffee space. Muted colours only help the branding stand out a lot more, they’re a lot warmer to look at compared to something a little brighter.

Kono managed to secure seed investment and are currently working on their plans for bringing the brand and product range to UK shores. There’s no telling how far this brand goes.

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