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When Leaf’s initial branding was conceived, they were trying to educate their clients about the benefits of cloud computing and IT services. But times have changed, and their identity chained them to the past.

Leaf provides results driven IT services for modern businesses, priding themselves on achieving “success with cloud.” It’s a skill that many companies have mastered, but fail to message correctly through branding and effective UX design.

With cloud computing becoming widely accepted, views on the industry have changed drastically, giving brands more leeway in how they present themselves to the masses. Gone were the days of old, a new era had been ushered in, and with it came Leaf’s exciting new look.

Our first challenge was to rework Leaf’s identity and messaging to focus on the benefits of working with Leaf, rather than educating the market — an issue found with most brands that run in these circles.

The new brand identity retains the original cloud motif, but delivers it with a modern twist. The new branding paved the way for a huge change in both Leaf’s physical and digital approach. In other words, we gave the brand a hard reset, allowing it to connect and connect at full strength.

The various logos we created/suggested to Leaf varied in style, but all shared that digital/cloud-based motif. The pyramid design was repeated and would eventually shape the final design — a design found on the Leaf site and various other marketing materials/assets.

Our long lasting standing partnership with Leaf has resulted in both a visual and strategic shift within the business, and their new website and content strategy generating consistent lead flow for the business.

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"They took a difficult brief and delivered a fresh new brand that pushes boundaries and arms us with what we need to grow our business and expand into new markets. Now we are armed with what we need to help us grow our business and expand into new markets."

Rachael Weir

Marketing Manager

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