After working on another project together, Japan based entrepreneur Justin Brown asked for our help with creating his new travel platform LetsG.ooo.

LetG.ooo takes up to date currency rates, and compares it with the rates from 2 years ago. The platform then uses this data to show website visitors which countries are currently "on sale" depending on their currency and which area of the world they want to visit.


Tokyo, Japan

Project Type

Branding, User Interface, Web Design

" Given the excellent experience I had with Canny on a previous project, I did not hesitate to ask them to take on the branding and website creation for LetsG.ooo. I have worked with design agencies of all sizes in my career, and Canny are simply top class."

Justin Brown

Money Saving Travel

It was important that the brand identity for letsg.ooo combined the two major parts of the business, money saving and travel.

We combined the original money counting tool, the abacus, with the shape of a plane to form the jet stream. The combination of these elements resulted in a unique logo mark for letsg.ooo.

Out of this World Photography

One of the greatest joys of browsing a travel website is the huge range of photography that you encounter. The problem with letsg.ooo was that they had no photography.

We collated travel photography from over 150 countries around the world using a mixture of stock photography, photos from our personal collection, and user generated content.

Making Comparisons

There are a lot of websites and travel blogs out there that focus on travelling on a budget. However, letsg.ooo focuses on places that are "on sale", so you can live like royalty, rather than simply travelling on a budget.

We used constantly updated forex data to allow the site to make comparisons to historical data. Users can then select the currency have, enter which area of the world they want to visit, and the site returns a range of countries that are "on sale" based on current exchange rates.

Indexing the World

One of the biggest challenges with the project was indexing every country on the planet. Not only did each country need entered in the system, but they needed the right currency assigned to them.

On top of that, each country result page features information about the destination, including where in the world it is, and what to do while you're there.

Letsg.ooo on the Go

With the target audience for the brand being fairly wealthy people interested in travel, it was important that the website worked across a range of mobile devices.

The site is completely mobile friendly, so whether you're browsing from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device, you can start planning your next big adventure!

letsg.ooo is a well used resource for those interested in economical travel. The website and travel journal continues to grow and the brand goes from strength to strength.
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