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There’s strength in partnerships, as proven by how strong the connection is between ourselves and The TV Agency.

You see, it was through the initial project that we were able to transition into this Lulu Animation project — Lulu being the sister brand of the TVA.

It was emphasised to us that this was an important distinction to make, as Lulu could have very easily come across as a sub-brand of the TVA, when the two operate on the same level.

We were tasked with bringing the brand to life both visually and strategically, and help them get setup with an optimised site fit for what you’d expect from a highly-creative team of animators.

The logo we created is very emotive in its chunky type and colour. It’s a logo that sits nicely when surrounded by the neon-like brand colours (check out the Lulu showreel to see this in action).

On the brand strategy side of things, we found that a lot of animation studios dedicate around 80% to showcasing work, and not a lot of time to outlining the services they offer.

This is most evident online, which is why the Lulu website we designed is as detailed as it is showy; all to emphasise the consistency and quality of the results they deliver to clients.

A comprehensive results-driven brand strategy, emotive branding that stands out in various formats, and an optimised website to showcase it all on.

We handed Lulu everything they needed to get moving.

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