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Building the right connections in real estate recruitment.

The Problem

The previous identity of Macdonald & Co did not represent their high-end service. As leaders in real estate recruitment, they have extensive knowledge of real estate on a global scale, and connect the right candidates to the right role. Their new identity needed to showcase their expertise and to communicate their global reach. They also needed a website that was flexible and adaptable to their changing needs.

The Solution

Stripping back the colour palette and focusing more on darker shades, we positioned Macdonald & Co as the high end, professional service that they are. We also accentuated the jagged, angular shapes that framed the brand as the cutting edge-solution, leading the industry from the front. Using WordPress, we transformed their website, building a flexible solution that is easy to update and maintain.

Services Provided

A professional and premium identity

Macdonald & Co are the pioneers in real estate recruitment and they strive to be the go-to choice for anyone looking for a job in this sector.

Whilst the shape of their old logo has remained, the previous colours were dated and quite dull. There were also too many colours in the logo which cheapened the brand and confused their high-end image.

We started by tidying the logo and focusing on darker colours. By stripping back the colour palette, we were able to create a logo that is timeless and conveyed professionalism - a key pillar of the brand.

We moved over to an Aston green which is very similar to an old racing car green, which brings a vital sense of prestige and class to the brand.

Macdonald & Company - Colour Palette

Dare to be different

It was key that we positioned the brand as the leading choice when it comes to real estate recruitment as they are the true experts in this field. Alongside the main logo, we built on the brand with multiple graphic elements.

We particularly focused on the angled shapes within the logo, representing that Macdonald & Co are at the cutting edge of what they do. They’re not just an old dog in the game, as they lead from the front and aren’t afraid to be bold and daring.

As the true experts, they are confident in their service offering and are more than comfortable being a little different. This notion is carried through the visuals and the brand identity as it demands attention and stands out from others in the industry.

With the angled shapes and jagged edges, it’s clear that they are leading from the front and are paving the way forward.

Macdonald & Company - Advertisement
Macdonald & Company - Social Posts
Macdonald & Company - Imagery Collage

Communicating through imagery

Macdonald & Company are a brand that works in global markets with multiple locations across the world. As such, it was important to communicate this reach through their brand identity.

Photography played a huge part in our visual approach to communicate both the global reach of the brand and also people, who are at the heart of the company.

We created a library of professional looking individuals working together to highlight the people-focus of the businesses and to help candidates and employers relate to the brand.

The second route involved city photography to communicate global reach. Instead of using city skyline images, we used birds eye view images of sprawling cities. This represents the global aspect, and showcases different viewpoints of where candidates would be day-to-day.

We have also utilised the logo within the photography as it weaves in and out of characters to represent Macdonald & Co being a key part of the recruitment process.

Macdonald & Company - Typography
Macdonald & Company - Business Cards
Macdonald & Compant - Brochure

Expanding the Prime People family

Macdonald & Company is part of the Prime People Group meaning consideration into the brand had to be taken throughout the entire Group which includes Command and Prime Insight.

With this in mind, we also tidied up these logos to ensure cohesion across both brands. Whilst it’s important for Command to have a sense of individualism, it needs to fit under the same visual umbrella to ensure alignment across the brand.

Macdonald & Company - Brand Family
Macdonald & Company - Fonts
Macdonald & Company - Fonts

Aligning the website to the brand

Alongside the brand overhaul, the Macdonald & Company website was a major part of the project.

Now that we had the style finalised, we had to make sure the angular shapes and the new professional look would be carried through to the site.

To really push the premium service which is at the core of the brand, we continued to use a lot of darker shades as these colours carry connotations of high value and quality.

The largest part of the website was making sure we made the site to function both efficiently and securely. Using structured research and planning, we created a user journey that suited both the user and what Macdonald & Company needed, allowing the site to communicate with multiple systems.

The problem with the recruitment sector is that it is flooded with software and lots of disconnected sources. However, the APIs we built allowed all of the software to talk to each other which is key.

For example, it allows their CRM (Bullhorn) system to post jobs to their website and other multiple websites. Also, when someone applies for a job via the website, it gets fed and updated automatically in bullhorn.

Prime can also setup email alerts for relevant job roles for maximum convenience.

Macdonald & Company - Website on Mobile
Macdonald & Company - Get in Touch Website Page on Desktop
Macdonald & Company - Website Homepage on Desktop
Macdonald & Company - Job Search
Macdonald & Company - Job Advert
Macdonald & Company - Integrations

Targeted content that attracts a valuable audience

Moving forward, our relationship with Macdonald & Co continues to grow, with the introduction of a targeted content strategy.

By producing high-quality, valuable content on a regular basis, we are engaging their core audience and attracting them to find out more about the serving offering. The content we create perfectly aligns with their brand identity, positioning Macdonald & Co as the go-to experts who partner the right people with the right job role.

By focusing on high volume, targeted keywords, and diving into topics that their audience really care about, we are engaging a relevant, qualified audience who are ready to make their next career move.

We’re excited about the future for Macdonald & Co as we continue to support them on their journey to take the lead in real-estate recruitment.


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