Branding and packaging with bark and bite.

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McKinna Plant Labs branding and web design helped bring a brand new vegan dog food product to market. A product that needed to stand out amongst the other brands in the yard in more ways than one.

Noochy Poochy (McKinna’s dog food brand) have a really strong unique selling point that appeals to a wide but niche audience. Not many people know that vegan dog food exists, which gave us somewhat of an advantage in that we had free rein design-wise.

The problem they face is that they are entering a crowded marketplace with customers already loyal to certain brands. Also, some people have strong views on vegan dog food, considering it unhealthy for dogs.

For us, it was a question of creating a competitive brand that disrupted the established market — we were going after the big dogs, so to speak!

We also needed to make the branding and messaging feel safe and assuage any fears around the negative connotations of vegan dog food. It was a thin line to walk, but walk we did with the support of McKinna. We wanted something that really stood out on the shelves, totally different to the majority of competitors.

We achieved this with the bold colouring of the packaging and the eye catching hand drawn cartoon dog styles. These aspects combine well in an industry dominated with darker ‘royal’ colours, such as deep blues and reds.

The identity we created, in essence, sells happiness. The soft pastel colours and cartoonish dog designs create a friendly, calming impression, reflecting the dog friendly and safe nature of the food. The font styles are bold enough to be eye catching but thin enough to be innocuous.

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