My Orchard.

Freeze dried fruit with a focus on freshness

My Orchard came to Canny with a vision for their start-up freeze dried fruit company. After creating proprietary technology, they were ready to launch their new fruit snack brand.

We worked with the My Orchard team to design their new brand identity, packaging for their first three product lines, and a landing page about the company.


Turin, Italy

Project Type

Branding, Web Design

" We are very happy to work with Canny. We wanted the design of our new snacks to look fresh, natural and colourful, and Canny did a great job!"

Niccolo Le Brun

A Range of Ideas

The target demographic of My Orchard is 20 to 30 somethings looking for a new snacking alternative. These people might be in office jobs, looking for something to snack on, or perhaps keen gym goers with a focus on freshness.

Finalising the Identity

After running several significant tests, the above identity was chosen as the favourite across the intended audience. It's simple yet impactful, and the squares beneath the logo represent the fruit fields, from which My Orchard will source their products.

Developing the Packaging

Entering the snacking market as newcomers, it was important that My Orchard had a range of standout snack packaging that put them in-line, or ahead of their competition.

Over the course of the project, we had several iterations of the packaging as shown above. Eventually, bold, beautiful simplicity won out. The brand's focus is on keeping fruit simple and delicious and we designed the packaging to reflect that.

Breaking into the Mainstream

One of the challenges facing My Orchard, is breaking into the mainstream. To help with this, we designed a range of simple, attractive posters, which are due to be placed into mainstream media.

The was again on keeping fruit simple and attractive it's fresh, natural state. As such, the fruit will always be front and centre of the brand's communication.

My Orchard is set to launch in a range of gyms, hotels, and office spaces across the UK. Canny continue to support them in their effort to break into the snack industry with simple, delicious fruit snacks.
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