Switched On Products needed our help to get their brand on the right track. After inventing a wall fitted light switch timer, they realised their brand didn't match their ambitions.

They tasked us with their rebranding, building their new-commerce website, and helping them make more online sales.


London, UK

Project Type

Branding, Ecommerce, Web Design

Changing Faces

The main problem facing what was then called Switched On Products, was the poor consumer facing brand. Their brand wasn't scalable as it was based around a single standalone product, and by their own admission, they hadn't considered their branding at all.

About Turn

We assisted Switched On Products with a full rebrand. Our project included the name change, a new brand identity, redesigning and developing their e-commerce website, and assisting with their digital marketing to grow company wide sales.

Modernising the Brand

All of the products MyDome sell are in the home technology security space. Because of that, it was important that the themes of "modern" and "home" were communicated in the name.

We used "My" to bring a sense of ownership to the brand, and "Dome" to communicate the idea of your own secure space. MyHome was considered for the name, but wanting to push through the technology aspect, MyDome was the clear choice.

The Sea of Technology

The MyDome Light Switch Timer product is stocked across a range of big brand home stores including; B&Q, Homebase, Robert Dyas, and Maplin. The existing product packaging didn't stand out on the shelf when in among a sea of other technology products.

Packaging That "Pops"

To counter that, we created several packaging designs that focused on using the brand's main colour palette of black and yellow. The idea being that with vibrant and exciting packaging, the product would be easy to spot on the shelves.

Creating Consistency

The previous branding fell apart because there was a huge lack of consistency across the business.

To ensure consistency across the new MyDome brand, we created a brand guidebook that explained exactly how the identity should and shouldn't use from this point forward.

Creating an Emotional Connection

With Switched On Products, the entire brand felt completely distant and faceless. It lacked a true emotional connection with the consumer.

To ensure a positive experience, we wanted to make visitors picture their family needing security products and technology, without fear-mongering and scare tactics. As such, we used a range of relatable, family centric photography across the new website that connects visitors to the brand.

The new branding created a surge in sales, helped them get stocked in more shops, and gives MyDome a more accessible brand to drive into the future.
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