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Wales, UK

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Brand, Web, and UI Design

when the rebrand launched, Novatiq converted several high profile clients, and have also seen a consistent rise in enquiries through their website.

the challenge

Novatiq exist to make first party data safe across new environments. Their patented privacy-first ID activation technology enables telcos, marketers, data partners and publishers to monetise intelligence.

Their old brand they operated under was a legacy data brand that spoke directly to technology and financial sectors. Combined with a green and blue palette, the brand was not customer focused and was stale. The company needed more than a rebrand – it needed a relaunch that reflected the new strategy, vision, technology and team.

our approach

Through focus groups and user testing, the name Novatiq emerged. The name supported the brand story of data burning bright (nova), T for technology, and IQ for intelligence. The identity we created needed to stand out in a crowded market, and appeal to a wide range of different decision makers.

A bright, modern colour palette, combined with a brand concept that plays with organic shapes brought the Novatiq identity to life. By coupling this style with human centred photography, we created a brand that positioned people at it’s core, moving the business on from it’s previous corporate focused identity.

"What they delivered not only delighted myself, my management team and the exec board, but also gave our team a fresh modern brand to be proud of. They get what it means to be a good partner and truly collaborate, taking pride in their work."

Julie McGinlay

NovatiqMarketing Director

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