Open Britain

Changing the way we talk about British politics.



Open Britain asked for our help in challenging a political status quo that has existed since the Sixteenth Century.


the challenge

Open Britain wanted to be a disruptor in a very well established sector.

The political landscape is dominated by very similar visual identities and branding, with each party very strongly committed to tradition.

Open Britain wanted to appeal to a younger audience, as well as the politically disenfranchised. To do so, they had to step away from traditional political branding and into a more modern, accessible approach.

Open Britain also wanted a brand that could comfortably exist in spaces that politics has traditionally avoided, such as Instagram and TikTok.

our approach

We created a brand using more ‘rough and ready’ illustrative styles.

This allowed us to move away from the traditional ‘straight laced’ style of politics and embrace a more accessible visual identity.

To accompany this, we also avoided leaning on any of the traditional Great Britain colours- the red, white and blue bear trap of any political branding project!

We embraced a more lively colour scheme to appeal to a wider audience, and used vibrant pinks and rich purple colours to revitalise the stagnant political landscape- in keeping with Open Britain’s overall purpose.

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