OPI Frutta

OPI Frutta

Packaging innovative and healthy snacks for success.


Turin, Italy

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Brand and Web

our partnership with Opi Frutta led to the creation of a wide range of product packaging, and an ecommerce website that encourages customers to buy directly.

the challenge

Opi Frutta are innovating in the healthy snack sector, with an innovative new way of freeze drying fresh fruit, retaining all of the natural flavour and texture.

The snack sector is wildly overcrowded and the shelves are filled with “organic looking” products. Our challenge was to create a brand that positioned their fruit snacks as an exciting, vibrant, alternative choice for people looking for a healthy snack alternative.

our approach

Because Opi’s snacks are a game changer in the snack space, we designed bright, eye-catching packaging that avoids organic and health food design trends. This vibrant palette makes Opi’s products stand out on the shelves.

Combining vibrant colours with real product photography, the brand is bold, exciting, and appealing across both physical and digital touchpoints.

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