Supporting a safety culture company with their rebrand.

Qworky's rebrand helps position them differently to other health and safety companies. The bright palette and unique concept injects life and soul into a stale industry.


the challenge

Qworky go beyond the typical “health and safety” company. From delivering outstanding campaigns, to producing collateral, they create strategic safety culture solutions. Essentially, they deliver “safety culture in a box.”

The problem they face with their branding, is that every single customer has a different type of requirement. People in one industry need something different to another. So how do they create a brand and market it with that in mind?

our approach

The health and safety landscape is peppered with swathes of blue, secure, and ultimately, boring looking brands. Our goal was to inject life and colour into a world traditionally viewed as “corporate and boring” – when it doesn’t have to be!

The identity we created is built around the idea of a flexible package. The colours and shapes that make up the identity change and lock up differently, reflecting the flexibility and range of solutions Qworky offer their clients.

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