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The rebrand of Redbridge Tuition gave them the tools and assets to move forward with their franchising model, and attract and win new customers — a subject that was in real need of change prior.

Redbridge Tuition are a tuition franchise on a mission to bring out the best of children’s abilities across the UK. A helping hand that required a helping hand in the branding, content and website department.

Their previous branding, RTG Tuition, was stale and looked far too corporate, positioning the brand incorrectly. They challenged us to breathe fresh life into the brand, enabling them to achieve their franchise goals, and appeal to both affluent parents, and children.

Finding that balance was important, but we knew there needed to be a playful element to whatever was created for the rebrand to work in the ways they wanted. Playful = approachable, that was the idea that pushed us throughout this process.

The first thing we did was ditched the RTG acronym and brought both Redbridge Tuition and Redbridge Publishing to life. In itself, this made the world of difference, making the brand feel more approachable and a lot more appealing.

The identity is designed to be playful but professional overall, finding that balance that appeals to both parents and children. It’s why the logo doesn’t follow the typical conventions tied to the education sector.

One of the The comprehensive brand identity uses a hand drawn logo mark, bright colour palette, and icon set, appealing directly to children. But, it works equally across professional marketing materials that talk directly to parents.

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"Canny have been instrumental in the full rebrand of our business and have given us the tools and assets to help move forward with our franchising model. We have no hesitation in recommending them."

Prajay Harji


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