Robbie Thompson.

Robbie Thompson is a leading personal trainer, lifestyle coach, and entrepreneur based in Newcastle.

Having worked together to achieve great results in the past, Robbie asked us to work with him again to realise his business vision.


Newcastle, UK

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Branding, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Web Design

" Brilliant to work with and create phenomenal websites. Created exactly the brand and website I was looking for. I can't speak highly enough of the team at Canny. I simply wouldn't work with anyone else."

Robbie Thompson

Realising Robbie's Vision

Having worked together to created a successful fitness focused website in the past, Robbie approached us to work together again.

Robbie has big plans for growing his personal brand including; adding more personal training and online clients, building out his members only Facebook group (Happy Balanced Life), creating a podcast, releasing a book, and much, more more.

Building Our Relationship

Robbie knew it was important to find a design agency he could trust to deliver, and do his business ventures justice.

Looking to form a long term relationship with a design agency, and knowing the success we'd had together in the past, Robbie wanted to work with us again to help skyrocket his ideas.

Giving It Away

The marketing plan behind Robbie's business is to give away his knowledge, building trust and credibility with his audience.

Through daily Instagram posts, he shares health and fitness tips. He then uses his mailing list to distribute a free e-book, and the Happy Balanced Life group receive workout sheets and week planners.

For all Robbie Thompson (the personal brand) and Happy Balanced Life (the members only Facebook group) are two separate brands, we wanted to create a distinct and cohesive visual identity that flows across all brand touch points.

Creating a Unisex Brand

We first worked together to create Robbie's personal brand identity, focused solely on winning more personal training clients. This identity was dark blue and green in colour, ensuring it appeals to both a male and female audience. The content Robbie delivers also focuses on tips for both audiences.

Adding Happy Balanced Life

With Happy Balanced Life, we were exclusively targeting women. When adding the Happy Balanced Life brand to Robbie's offering, even though the identity is completely unique, it was important the brand sat well within the existing Robbie Thompson ecosystem.

Creating Perceived Value

When launching Happy Balanced Life, we needed to increase the perceived value of the new brand. Although Robbie had built up a wealth of followers, people knew nothing about the Happy Balanced Life group.

We worked with Robbie to not only create the brand identity, but also design and build a landing page, subscription product, new ebook, and a range of merchandise to inform Robbie's followers about the group.

As Robbie's business develops we continue to grow our relationship, provide ongoing support, generate new ideas, and build Robbie's vision.
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Personal Brand Problems

As you grow out your personal brand, you end up investing more and more time into the process.

Because you need to be spending time growing and interacting with your audience, it leaves little time for things such as website maintenance, paperwork, administration, or account management.

Removing Reliance from Robbie

To help automate Robbie's process, we brought all of his payments onlinel. Now, his personal training clients, and all online clients all pay Robbie through his website.

This has removed reliance from Robbie, and he can now focus on his audience, rather than managing payments and administration.