David Freeman
Engagement Officer
Seaton Valley Council

Canny Creative has been providing a design service to Seaton Valley Council since Christmas 2014. I started working for Seaton Valley Council in September 2016 and since then I have worked closely with Tony on the design and production of promotional material for the council.

The ‘Welcome to Seaton Valley’ Gateway signs were already in place before I started in my role. I was impressed with Tony’s design of these signs and during my engagement with local community groups I was pleased to see that they also liked the signs and the identity they gave to Seaton Valley. I can see why other neighbouring councils have been so eager to have Gateway signs for their own areas and Tony has been their chosen choice of designer to work with.

The council produce a quarterly Magazine (Seaton Valley Futures). The content is given to Tony consisting of news articles, community events, photographs and information sheets. Using his extensive design experience Tony produces a professional magazine that we are proud to deliver to the homes of all of our residents. Futures magazine is by far the best local authority magazine in the area.

I have worked with Tony on various projects. He is receptive to initial design concepts and keeps me updated during the design process. His designs are refreshing and have enabled Seaton Valley Council to develop a branding and publicity style that has proven to be well received in the community.

I enjoy working with Tony and he provides a prompt and professional design service to the council.