Seaton Valley Council.

Seaton Valley Council needed help raising the profile of their brand with the residents of the valley.

We worked with Council staff to develop a new visual style and helped them to realise their vision of stronger messaging through multiple brand touch points.


Northumberland, UK

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" Canny's design work is refreshing and has enabled Seaton Valley Council to develop a branding and publicity style that has proven to be well received in the community."

David Freeman
Engagement Officer

Creating Character

Several other Councils in the area close to Seaton Valley had developed a very corporate looking identity. The sort of identity you'd expect a Council to have.

We decided that it was important Seaton Valley Council were noticeably different. As such, we created an illustrative style that represents the fun, light-hearted, nature of the events and regular competitions the Council run.

Valley Wide Involvement

One of the challenges facing the Council is that residents don't understand what services they provide. Across the valley, Seaton Valley Council are responsible for a wide range of activity.

Using the character driven style of the Council, poster designs were created to raise the profile of the Photography and Garden Competitions. The annual Christmas event was also given the same treatment.

An Identity Adapted

The visual style that we developed for Seaton Valley council has also been interpreted by a local art group who painted the full colour mural above to brighten up a previously dull row of garages.

The signage designs were also adapted and installed across entry points into the Seaton Valley. With over 10 entry ways, the signage has become some of the most recognised in Northumberland.

Welcoming The Tour of Britain

In 2016, Seaton Valley welcomed Britain's biggest cycling racing, The Tour of Britain. As the event brought a lot of press coverage to the valley, Seaton Valley Council wanted to make the most of their opportunity.

We created a range of printed materials, roadside signage, and banners that welcomed "The Tour" and were visible on camera as the cyclists flew through the valley.

Crowds of Seaton Valley residents and visitors from the surrounding area turned up to watch the cycle race.
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Seaton Valley Futures

Seaton Valley consists of around 7500 households covering a wide demographic range. Communicating with each of the residents can be a tricky task, one that the Council staff members and Councillors themselves wanted to address.

Together, we worked to develop a quarterly magazine, Seaton Valley Futures. The magazine features news, updates, and interesting events from across the valley and is distributed to each household.

An Ongoing Relationship

When Seaton Valley Council came to Canny over 5 years ago, they were looking to install an "agency on record" as they'd been let down by several other agencies in the local area.

We're happy to say that we're over 5 years into our working relationship with Seaton Valley Council, and continue to produce their quarterly magazine and work together on a range of other projects to this day.