Shodai was a start-up company based in Yokohama, Japan. After finding our blog content when searching for a branding agency, they approached us to help build their new brand.

After a trip to Japan, we began work on creating the Shodai brand, packaging, and e-commerce website design.


Tokyo, Japan

Project Type

Branding, Ecommerce, Web Design

" The result was fantastic as was the collaborative process they employed to get there. The team even flew to Japan to immerse themselves in the culture and have meetings face to face!"

Justin Brown

For Men, With Faces

For all the product was in healthcare, the target audience was thirty-something men "with faces", so a strong and clinical look was needed. Looking both to the past, in its heritage and where it was made, and to the modern man of today.

A Modern Japanese Design

Exploring cultural heritage and simple bold text we began to shape some strong ideas both hinted towards the clinical look and brought through a strong sense of it does what it says on the packaging.

The First of a Kind

The final branding was clean cut and stylish, nodding to both the heritage of where it was made and to the future, of which we think is symbolised perfectly in Japan itself, with its deep history and explosion of modern technological cities.

The red tab is the Japanese translation of the word Shodai, which means "first of a kind" or "first generation." The crossbar of the A is the Japanese character that translates to "1" or "one."

Avoiding Cliches

We also needed to design packaging for the main Shodai product range, and create a visual style that brings through the idea of a clinical, modern brand. Again, wanting to play into the idea of Japanese heritage, without falling into Japanese cliches.

A Flexible Packaging Solution

Alongside the main brand colours, we introduced both another colour and bird illustration to accompany the brand on the packaging. As the product range grows out, different shape origami birds and colour schemes will be used to represent each product.

Creating a Product Range

The business had two main products; face wash and face moisturiser. The black packaging gave the brand a unique high end feel. The background includes a traditional Japanese pattern, which is a nod to the brand’s heritage. To keep things clean and modern, we opted for a minimalistic approach.

Entering New Markets

Shodai were looking to sell into both the USA and European markets. To give them access to those markets, we created an e-commerce website, allowing them to market their products online.

Natural Ingredients

The dark, modern, and clinical brand identity was rolled into the website design. We also used dramatic looking photography to highlight the natural ingredients that make up the Shodai product.

Shodai successfully launched into the USA with press coverage in Men’s Health Magazine, the LA Times, and more.
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